October 8, 2013

Taking Off Your Bra Won’t Help End Cancer.

Every October everything around us suddenly turns pink.

It’s nearly impossible to go to the grocery store and not buy something with a ribbon on it. At this point, I can’t help but wonder if raising awareness about breast cancer is a little, well, out-dated.

Sadly, most people in the United States know at least one person who has been diagnosed with the disease. I find it absolutely disgusting how corporations are using it to make a profit and appear to be caring and generous when in reality, buying that can of soup or rose scented candle does very little for the cause.

Recently there has been a very popular facebook meme circulating that, I kid you not, says, “Support Breast Cancer, set the tatas free, October 13, no bra day.”

The idea is that everyone who usually wears bras should take them off to I guess, what, support cancer?

I mean, come on people—pay attention to detail.

A few years ago while I was paying the cashier at the store, he asked me if I wanted to donate a dollar for prostate cancer. I laughed and he got super offended. I looked at him and I said, dude, why would I want to give my money to cancer? Cancer is doing enough damage on its own without my dollar.

He still didn’t really seem to understand that wording of that kind of stuff is kind of important.

So. This meme is offensive on multiple fronts. Not only does it contain a major communication glitch it also doesn’t really do anything for anyone except horny pervs who like to look at pointy nipples.

What person who has gone through breast cancer really wants to look at a bunch of bra-less women?

It’s like if we said let’s do a Butt-Naked Friday to support testicular cancer (awareness). So, everyone, just don’t wear any pants, or any underwear so other people know you know that cancer exists and then all those dudes who had to have a testicle or two removed can see other dudes walking around balls out.

Really, truly helpful for no person.

So what would be helpful? Perhaps supporting cancer research directly instead of through consumerism? Perhaps making sure to regularly examine one’s own body? Perhaps working on preventative measures like sticking to a decent diet and steering clear of weird plastics and chemicals?

I mean sure, you can take your bra off for a day, but that does just about as much as wearing pink.

This is a serious deadly disease that we all are already aware of; we need to get beyond the awareness, the pink-washing, the trite activities and actually work on ending it for good.


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Ed: Bryonie Wise

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