October 31, 2013

The Gift of Fear.

Often the best choices I have made in my life have been to leave a situation. And the worst have been to stay.

Fear is a gift that has been developed over 100,000 of years. When my instincts talk I listen.

Who am I to argue.

Sometimes after leaving I will have a friend tell me they should have gone with me—often, I never find out why my instincts guided me. And I consider that a good thing to not have had to find out.

There have been times when listening to my instincts has saved my life and those of others.

We live in a world that is more dangerous than we like to think. This includes predatory behavior that is prevalent even in the spiritual world. Many of the darkest things hide in the light—and because we have been trained to be kind, polite and not be afraid, we over look it.

When an antelope is grazing on the Savannah and she senses fear, she does not second guess herself and put her head back down. She prepares for what is to come. And when the lion inevitably appears, she runs.

There are domesticated animals and non-domesticated or wild animals. Domesticated animals are trained to be docile and used as resources. Wild animals are in touch with their instincts, free and filled with life.

Most humans have become domesticated, numb and conflicted in our emotions. It’s not our fault; its just how we have been trained. But if we begin to listen to our instincts and accept them, we can become free and filled with life, rather than docile and filled with fear.

When fear or any negative emotion arises, try to become mindful. Breathe as if you are breathing into the energy of the emotion and name it. Instead of identifying with the emotion and saying I am scared, simply say ‘This is fear,’ or ‘This is sadness.’

No matter how intense the emotion, it will transform.

These emotions are telling us that something needs to be adjusted and or we need to prepare to take action. If we resist these emotions and become ungrounded, they can easily spin us into a state of confusion and we miss the wisdom that they bring to us.

It is said there is nothing to fear but fear itself. But the reality is that there is nothing to fear but the resistance to fear.
By resisting our emotions we resist our own life energy, and we become paralyzed into numbness.

As you begin to embrace your emotions, you transform them into a new energy, a potent life force filled not with resistance but with awareness.

Fearlessness is not ignoring fear, it is embracing and transforming it.

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 Ed: Bryonie Wise


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