October 29, 2013

The One Thing Stopping Us From Following Our Dreams. ~ Andra Vomir & Richey Gill


Most of us can daze off for endless hours into an imaginary abyss and ponder exactly what our dream life would be like.

Where we would live, who we would live with, our dream job and so on. Are we right?

It certainly was that way for us when we were back in Toronto, Canada sitting behind our desks at our full-time corporate jobs. We were both stuck in a pretty mundane routine and it was obvious by the way we felt every day that something more meaningful was missing from our lives.

Both of us have always been extremely passionate about travelling. We craved the feeling of being foreign in a new city, discovering little alleyways filled with magic and meeting new people that had stories that we would recall forever.

For us, a dream life meant packing up our lives into two backpacks and setting off to travel the world.

Almost two years before we actually made the move we started discussing our plan with our friends and family. While most of them were supportive, we still got bombarded with questions that everyone felt we should fully think through before we made the leap.

They asked how we would afford this trip, how were we just going quit our jobs (what about our careers!), how were we going to pay for a wedding or buy a house when we return home, how we would find a job in the future and so on. As soon as the questions started coming our way we both began to cringe and the faces of fear and doubt that showed up at our doorstep.

In the midst of feeling helpless we made a pact to stop worrying so much about how things would come together and instead focus on why.

We didn’t know the answer to most of these questions, but we did know that if we kept worrying about how we were going to execute our plan we probably never would.

When we thought about why we wanted to make the drastic lifestyle change, everything was perfectly clear. Passion filled our hearts and minds, curiosity about what we would discover and learn around the world sparked excitement and we full-heartedly knew that on a day-to-day basis we would be a lot happier than we were then.

This was enough for us and the universe seemed to agree. We noticed that as we started focusing on the why, everything seemed to fall into place. Among many other things, we were introduced to all the right people who had wise advice for our travels, abundance came from unexpected sources and online articles about others who are doing similar trips began to randomly present themselves through social media.

We all have a dream that we want to fulfill. For some it may be a career change, for others it may be to travel like us or it may just be meeting that one special person to spend the rest of your life with. But no matter what your dream is, we’ve learned that one thing holds true: if you continually focus on why you want your dream to come true, (because it would make you really darn happy), you are transmitting positive vibrations to the universe with your words and more importantly your heart. The universe then begins to create pockets of opportunities that bring you closer to that dream.

When we focus on how we will attain a particular goal or dream, it’s always daunting. The how is usually what stops us in our tracks from pursuing our dreams. The more stress we bring onto ourselves when we think about the how, the more negative vibrations we are sending out into the universe that then send back more of the same thing.

Open yourself up to the many opportunities that exist in this world for you. Let the universe worry about the how, and you focus on the why. Everything will begin to fall into place.

It did for us and it will for you, you’ll see.


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