October 29, 2013

There’s No Such Thing As Failure. ~ Maggie Marie Genthner {Video}

Often times curious potential yoga students and newbies get discouraged by seeing the end results of a yoga posture.

While some yoga postures come naturally to us (the result of some mysterious force), there are definitely poses that can mystify us. We are captivated, frightened, and somehow enamored by seeing a photo of them or some person at the front of class appearing as some kind of levitating God or a bending human rubber band.

This can trigger some stuff, here’s a breakdown of the internal stages that may occur:

1) Shock/ horror (leaves studio running, never to come back).

2) Jealousy i.e. They are just genetically gifted but I am not. At this stage we are not quite ready to embrace our greatness, it’s okay. I firmly believe that all jealousy is, is a “call to action.” It really has nothing to do with the other person, ever.

3) I want to do that! (This is the right attitude.)

4) I can do that! <experience fall> Actually wait…no, I can’t .

5) Tries again and gets a glimpse of freedom to keep you going for 1000+ more times.

6) A period of surrendering to “Not getting it quite yet.”

7) The Red Sea parts and you experience total freedom in a pose and then some kind of angel starts singing.

At stage three we start to crave the asana. Something about it feels really good. We have steered our mind in the right direction.

The physical practice of yoga is asana—which literally means seat. Basically, this is where we can just be our natural happy selves without restriction.

This is a sweet video to remind us that it is all a process and that 99 percent of yoga asana is practice.

Practice until you find your freedom and then you will always have it.


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Ed: Bryonie Wise

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Read 3 comments and reply

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