October 24, 2013

Waylon Lewis of Elephant Journal announces last-minute change to Boulder City Council Endorsements.

Okay, update: Heard from our Mayor, Matt. Haven’t heard from Macon, but I reached out to him. We’ll see. Right now my final vote is here.

After this, my vote has to change.

“New businesses that serve alcohol on University Hill will only be able to stay open until 11 p.m., and new restaurants that want to stay open later will not be able to serve alcohol at all.

Previously, restaurants that wanted to offer late-night liquor service could go through a use review process.

The Boulder City Council approved the new regulations unanimously Tuesday night as part of a package of alcohol-related rule changes designed to use the land use code to change the climate of excessive drinking on the Hill.”

For more, see video at bottom.

Seeking to reduce alcohol consumption by limiting alcohol service in restaurant bars is boneheaded—something only an old, out-of-touch representative would advocate. House parties are the problem on the Hill—where I live—that’s where real drunk and disorderly behavior happens, that’s where date rape is more likely, and that’s where noise levels are only dozens of feet from trying-to-sleep Hill residents, including children. Furthermore, punishing Hill businesses is a good way to continue to make the Hill Boulder’s one and only underserved neighborhood—where broken glass, graffiti and noise are tolerated.

I no longer can endorse either incumbent–which is saying something, since I respect and appreciate both and have endorsed and voted for them previously. So scratch Macon and Matt off the list.

I’m going with two gentleman who would be considered environmentalists anywhere but Boulder: Ed Byrne and Andrew Shoemaker. Here, they’ll help the cause of “green” that I hold so dear (elephant has been named #1, nationally, for green on twitter, twice, it’s my life’s work, I’m a 365-day-cyclist, plastic-abstainer and passionate composter!) by bringing together our business and eco communities to work together.

Here’s elephant journal’s other endorsements. Here’s our video debate with nine of the candidates. Here’s my interviews with individual candidates. Here’s more videos, and photos. now including Ed.

Our fun Debate got serious, fast:

Waylon and Steve on #310:

With Andrew Shoemaker:

With our man Sam Weaver:

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Read 2 comments and reply

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