November 20, 2013

B*tching is the New Black.

People love to complain.

And lately it seems en vogue to be dissatisfied and overworked.

“Busy”, “tired”, “overwhelmed” appear to be normal states of being. Less and less do people say they are “great” and note the good things going on in their lives.

We unknowingly feed each other’s pessimism, as well. In conversation, when someone gripes, we unconsciously match that person’s frequency and suddenly the dialogue becomes a tennis match of current woes.

Let’s change this dynamic.

The most powerful antidote to any problem is gratitude.

Approaching life from a place of gratitude, we teach our brains—and our friends—to focus on the positive as opposed to the negative. Yogis call this pratipaksha bhavanam.

Gratitude is like a flashlight that shines a bright light on the darkness we are contending with. And suddenly the bad does not look so bad anymore.

This is not to diminish anyone’s experiences. Sometimes things are tough and no one should walk around with a plastic Stepford smile.

The Buddhists say it best, “life is suffering.” But have a choice, whether to fixate on the suffering or to illuminate the goodness in our lives.

There are so many things to be thankful for; even the simplest thing like the air you are breathing.

So when someone asks you how you are today and you have an urge to carp, pause and think of one amazing thing in your life at this moment.

Answer from a place of love and abundance and perhaps together we can raise the collective frequency of this bountiful place we call mother earth.

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Ed: Bryonie Wise


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