November 14, 2013

Breathe In, Bliss Out. ~ Sunita Passi

The teacher says, “Breathe in, bliss out.”But what else do I hear in her voice?

This is the tagline to a guided meditation program I developed for my clients, but boy, did it take time to put pen to paper when thinking about what my own research into meditation, relaxation and sound vibration has taught me.

My clients are generally high-strung—the ambitious type, pitta (fiery) constitutions with overworked bodies and minds. That’s not to say I don’t teach the odd housewife, nurse or teacher, but what I have begun to understand is not only do clients resonate with a particular type of methodology, they resonate with a particular type of energy in the teacher.

The meditation program I developed was originally an outlet for my own style of holistic living, to integrate the whole nervous system, unravel blocked energy and transform us into happier, healthier humans.

For the last two years, I’ve also been taking singing lessons and researching the healing aspects of sound and vibration on the body.

In essence, my concept now extends to my desire to integrate this study and research into the subtle effects of sound and vibration on ourselves and the environment, as well as the way continued meditation can release suppressed emotions.

The idea that continued use of this methodology to create an abundant, stress-free body and mind, faster than you ever thought possible speaks volumes to me, my clients, and people interested in meditation as a wellness tool.

So, why do I attract a certain sort?

We start to practice in an environment and with a teacher who we trust to unlock our hidden blockages and help us go deeper. We set intentions for ourselves, and with time and focus, we transcend different layers of ourselves, unraveling and washing away ideals and experiences that no longer serve us.

If I think about what I bring to the table as a meditation teacher, it is the personal and professional experiences I’ve had on the life ride and how I’ve dealt with certain challenges.

I wonder if this is something my clients see? Is this the value I bring to the table when we spend precious time together reflecting on gratitude, forgiveness and love?

Even in impossibly tough times, a sense of truth prevails when we see something in a teacher that can link us to transformation.

My past has been adventurous and global, working as a Journalist and entrepreneur, Ayurveda therapist and meditation coach. Empathy can serve as a guiding light out of a limiting belief or a situation that no longer holds true.

Let’s enjoy the beauty in knowing the universe works its magic and directs us all along the path we are meant to be on.



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