November 21, 2013

Ephemeral Beauty & Eternal Devotion.

“I am the ritual, I am the sacrifice,
I am the offering, I am the medicinal herb,
I am the sacred text, I am also the clarified butter,
I am the fire, and I am the pouring out (of the oblation.)

I am the father of the universe,
The mother, the establisher, the grandfather,
The object of knowledge, the purifier,
the sacred syllable, “Om,”
The Rig, Sama, and Yajur Vedas.

I am the goal, the supporter, the great Lord, the witness,
The abode, the refuge, the friend,
The origin, the dissolution, the foundation,
The treasure house and the imperishable seed.

I radiate heat, I withhold and
Send forth the rain;
And I am both immortality and death,
Being and non-being, Arjuna.”

~ Bhagavad Gita IX:16 – IX: 19

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