November 20, 2013

Free Verse With You. ~ Kelsey Burns {Poem}

Hey baby could I breathe with you?

The quiet sip of air

And the loud sigh.

The gentle puff

And the sharp gasp.

Draw you into my lungs,

Exhale ‘til it’s you and me.

Count to seven, hug the earth.

Inhale with my fingertips.

Release it through my toes.

Next to you, hold your hand.


Hey baby could I groove with you?

Barefoot on the hardwood floor

While the red wine spills

And the candle melts.

Until the needle gets tired

And the record starts skipping.

Flow and bend and overlap.

Spin and bounce and lose my mind.

Inversely, forbiddenly.

Late night and early morning

The acoustic version of my soul.


Hey baby could I get lost with you?

When the freeway closes

And the detour signs are wrong.

In the tall trees and dark water.

When the lights go out

And the smiles run dry.

In the questions without answers.

Between the black and white.

Let’s drive to nowhere

I’ll bring the mango

You bring the tambourine.


Hey baby could I be your friend?

Straighten your tie.

Light up your phone.

Remind you you’re wonderful.

Pour you a glass.

Ask about the dark circles.

Be your plus one

Your peer pressure

Unconditional love, honesty

For keeps, for always.


Hey baby could I rescue you?

From the demon living inside you

Tormenting you when you’re alone

Keeping you awake at night.

The secret you’ve never told.

The tragedy that took two years.

The boredom of madness

The risk of apathy.

Anxiety between shoulder blades.

From her wishy-washy love

And his conditional approval.


Hey baby,

Could I?

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Assistant Editor: Melissa Petty/Editor: Bryonie Wise

{Photo: Flickr}

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