I’ll Hold Your Hand: This is How to Turn Hate into Love. ~ Laura Kutney {Video}

Via Laura Kutney
on Nov 22, 2013
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I just watched this video and I am sobbing and can barely get the words on to the page about what this means to me.

It is so touching and so meaningful and so beautiful.

Yes, love is a beautiful thing, no matter who it is between.


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Laura Kutney was born, raised and still lives in California. Although she studied chemical engineering in college, Laura’s love affair with philosophy and writing started before she can remember. If one could peek inside of her heart, they would find a whirlwind of thoughts and feelings swirling around a collection of words, books, art, music, photos, and most importantly, her closest friends and family and treasured places. Laura often looses herself in thought. This, combined with the fact that life is ever-changing, leaves her with plenty to write about. She can be found here at elephant journal, on her blog (Mosaic Commons) and on Facebook. And also on View Laura Kutney's LinkedIn profile View Laura Kutney's profile


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