November 19, 2013

It’s Cuddle Weather.

Call me crazy and weird, but my intense cuddle needs go up a notch when my head is clogged with snot and it’s a bit cooler outside.

I don’t feel that this is so out of the ordinary, as much as it is a desire to snuggle all of the time, when the cosmic climate warrants a sense of togetherness and grounding. It’s romantic and playful and full of synchronicity every step of the way. It takes me to a new level within a partnership and within my own self.

Who doesn’t love to cuddle?

If we viewed the animal kingdom and their admirable ways, we might learn that nature snuggles and comforts each other, almost hourly. Their integrity and consistency doesn’t leave room for passing judgement or offering guilt.

Animals are at the whims of their body language and olfactory nerves. The best measure of true, pure love is offering another body to chide up against when in need.

Cuddling is the answer. It has been proven to kill depression, relieve anxiety, and strengthen the immune system.

No talking. Just blissfully happy silence.

It doesn’t matter that I’m a 50+ year old woman with a survivor spirit and the adventure to go with it. What matters is that I can easily sink into super-sensitive-introverted mode, stretch out in a hot bath full of Epsom salts, fire up some scented candles to accent the mood, place my thoughts on auto-pilot for a moment, and emerge from the scene with a strong vision of bodies embraced and secure.

This time of year sort of does that to me. Slowing down, recharging, rekindling the inner being; it all resonates with my soul and allows me to be within a partnership fully. Without this self-care, I am depleted and not presenting my best self.

Here are a few snuggle thoughts that might make the remainder of your year feel more sealed, rooted and loving:

1) Notice when your partner is giving you the signs that they need a hug. We aren’t all mind readers when it comes to body language, but a telltale sign of compassion is always there. You have to be alive in your heart to recognize when an embrace is far more appealing than a conversation.

2) Offering a warm wraparound doesn’t just stop at your partner. Reach out to friends, family, strangers and animals in need; the simple act of hugging can lead to more serene feelings everywhere. It goes back to that “oneness” concept of the collective consciousness.

3) Take care of yourself. Cuddling is defined as a “prolonged and affectionate hug”. I believe that taking care of myself in health and in spirit, is one big cuddle fest. When I live my life to the fullest and pay attention to what truly matters, I am able to give 100% to others bar none.

4) It doesn’t take much. Hold someone or something close in your arms and show it (or them) that love and affection are always there. It sends hearts soaring and brings more tenderness than you can imagine.

Winding our way into the new seasonal transition offers a rich opportunity to take time out to cuddle, laugh and kiss, with no conditions or expectations.

This is cuddle weather.

Just two bodies lying together practically comatose because the love is there, nothing more. So, crack the window, settle in, arms draping across each other, letting the embrace give way to peace and relaxation.

“To love is nothing. To be loved is something. To love and be loved is everything.”

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Editor: Rachel Nussbaum

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