The Perfect Woman.

Via Carly Mountain
on Nov 16, 2013
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The Perfect woman

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The Perfect Woman.

She is photoshopped, reshaped, surgically “enhanced” to be flawless.

She is the manipulation of the body and the misconception of truth of the feminine.

She is an ideal, a frighteningly empty expression of what it is to be human and to really live.

She doesn’t exist, she is created.

She is a myth.

This myth creates shame, fear, anxiety, repression, greed, envy, depression, disorder and disharmony in both men and women.

It is big business. It makes money. But at the cost of the repression of the sexes and a dampening of the human spirit.

There is no perfect, only beautifully real.

I love this clip: men are instrumental in the repression or liberation of woman. Beauty is in the uniqueness and the truth of the imperfections that make us all exquisitely human.


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About Carly Mountain

Carly Mountain is a teacher and student of yoga. She teaches from her studio Yoga Boutique Sheffield in Yorkshire, where she lives with her husband and two daughters. From a creative background, Carly has studied a wealth of movement practices. But it is yoga that has really unraveled her. "Through daily practice we begin to realise there is nothing to add but plenty to drop. In teaching I aim to nurture, show and inspire people to dare to move, feel, share, laugh, sometimes fall over. Why not!?...we are only here for a short time. And I am celebrating!" Carly loves marrying together words and pictures, for more info you can connect with Carly on Facebook, Twitter or via her website.


3 Responses to “The Perfect Woman.”

  1. Jo Aldridge says:

    It's very sad when women hold their peers to ridiculous standards that they know are unattainable.
    Instead of supporting and encouraging each other, we rip each others faces/bodies/clothing to shreds.
    As a result of the oppressive idealistic values we have eating disorders, depression, anxiety, friendship problems, relationship trouble and the flow on effect of that is what we see in the media.

    We need to lovingly care for each other ladies!!

  2. gdr23 says:

    I have always thought highly of Dustin Hoffman. Now, even more so. What he shares is such a personal revelation. Very touching.

  3. Auki says:

    What Dustin Hoffman said in this video is beautiful. Men have been brain-washed into the sexist oppression of women. And in my opinion, women have been equally brain-washed into the sexist oppression of themselves and other women!