December 10, 2013

3 Ways We’re Leaking Energy. ~ Samantha Nolan Smith

Understanding how to harness energy within the human body is something we’re relatively new to in the West.

Centuries ago we all but abandoned that investigation, leaving it to our Eastern brothers and sisters while we focused on the energy we could find in the ground and on using our mind and willpower to direct the energy within.

In the latter half of the twentieth century, things started to shift.

Hippies spoke about “the vibe,” yoga exploded and quantum physicists came out of the closet. Now we can barely have a conversation without someone talking about energy, the chakras, or the things with which they resonate.

We’ve still a long way to go in understanding how to harness our inner energy but the starting point is simple: becoming aware of how we’re leaking energy in our daily lives.

The end of our day is a good place to start. How are we feeling? If we’re exhausted or drained, we can be certain we’re not using our energy system efficiently. Somewhere we’re engaging in activity that’s depleting rather than reviving.

So what’s really going on? Here are some possibilities:

1. We’re in the wrong job.

How rewarding is my job really? Is it my dream job? A job that inspires and motivates me, or is it something I do to pay the bills? If it’s the latter, you can be certain your energy isn’t flowing as well as it might through your body.  You’ll be stagnating somewhere—maybe multiple places.

Our body and our life are mirror images of one another. If we’re stuck in one, we can be sure we’re stuck in the other.  Understanding what our body is telling us and using a technique like yoga to refine that understanding is essential to breaking through in this area.

2. We’re in the wrong working environment.

Sometimes our jobs are great but we’re being asked to work in an environment that doesn’t suit us.

The air and light may be artificial, there may be no flexibility in the weekly schedule, or we may be operating in a noisy environment with constant interruptions and distractions.

This kind of atmosphere is going to work  well for a small portion of the population and will be disastrous for the rest.  Understanding our own needs and creating a working environment that accommodates them is critical to leaking less energy each day.

3. We’re trying too hard to please.

This is a classic energy leaking technique. We’re eager to please another—our boss, colleagues, loved ones, friends—and end up volunteering all of ourselves and our time when we’re already over-committed and exhausted.

This is the worst sort of energy leaking as there’s almost no opportunity for rejuvenation. In truth, it’s energy throwing. It’s the equivalent of saying, “Please take my energy, I don’t need it, you have it.” Taking time for ourselves and learning to say “no” will be important steps in turning this behavior around.

As a society it’s vital that we become aware of how we’re using our energy if we’re to live vibrant, healthy and active lives. The place to start is within—with our bodies and behaviors; with the habits we’ve fallen into because we assumed we didn’t have a choice.

It’s only when we see these habits for what they are—energy leakers—that we can begin making different choices.  It’s only then that we’ll be able to step into our creative power as human beings. Isn’t that a world we’d like to be a part of?



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Editor: Jane Henderling

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