December 27, 2013

Do Our Lives Truly Nourish Us?

As a new year fast approaches, we all have a tendency to find some type of New Year’s Resolution to latch onto.

This year, instead of making that one statement that we all inevitable leave behind by the end of January, I challenge you to ask yourself this question instead.

Does your life truly nourish you?

This question isn’t about whether or not you make enough money to pay the bills. Or what type of family life you have, no matter how loving they may be. This is about something far more profound.

Are you just living in the moment, caught up in the day to day grind? Or does your daily routine truly nourish who you are and what you want out of life? Do the things you do feed your soul?

If your answer is no… Or if you had to think a bit too long about the question… Then it’s time to stop. Take stock. And begin to focus on how you can nourish yourself all year long and in all aspects of your life.

A New Year’s Resolution often focuses on something we don’t have or a negative aspect we perceive about ourselves.

This automatically sets us up for failure as the universe tends to give us what we put out.

If we look to the new year with a sense of lacking, we unintentionally attract those things that don’t truly serve us. However, if we look ahead with gratitude and self love, the universe will gently guide us towards those things that serve us the most. Those things may not always be what we “want,” but they are usually what we need to nourish our spirit.

Start with this affirmation: “I love and care for myself everyday and everywhere.”

Repeat it to yourself over and over until you not only believe it, but you do it automatically.

While you repeat this affirmation daily, begin to take care of yourself physically, mentally, and even at work by incorporating the following ideas into your life.


Physical self care:

  • I eat on a regular basis (breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks).
  • I eat fresh, healthy foods that nourish my body and spirit (vegetables, fruits, salads, nuts, etc).
  • I exercise at least three times a week.
  • I take time off to recharge.
  • I get massages and/or acupuncture treatments several times a year.
  • I get enough sleep every night.
  • I wear clothes I love and feel great in.
  • I take vacations at least once a year.
  • I take breaks from technology, telephones, email, etc.


Mental self care:

  • I have an attitude of gratitude.
  • I read for pleasure.
  • I try new things.
  • I spend time with family and friends as much as possible.
  • I immerse myself in the arts.
  • I can say no to what isn’t right for me… without feeling guilty!


Work self care:

  • I take breaks throughout the day (including lunch).
  • I create boundaries for clients and colleagues.
  • I create a peaceful workspace that is comfortable.
  • I establish supportive connections (colleagues, business coach, trainings, etc.).
  • I have a peer support group.
  • I work at something I am passionate about.

There is a gap between every action and reaction. So, as we approach the beginning of a new year, take a moment to pause. Let yourself steep in the gap of the unknown for a few moments. Then choose the best strategy that allows your life to nourish you fully and completely.

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Editor: Catherine Monkman

Photo: simplyla/Flickr

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