December 9, 2013

Is it Time to Peace Out? 5 Ways to Reinvigorate Your Soul.

Mother Nature is here, in full force.

The cold weather has gripped our nation and caused more concern to many than thought possible. She is playing her awesome tricks on us, teasing us for weeks with 80 degree temperatures and giving us visions of soft sand, warm beaches, palm trees, flip flops, constant sunshine, and minimal clothing.

I’m trying to resist shutting down completely, but it feels challenging to remain warm, not have the heater blasting (fake air), and continue to feel forward movement of some sort.

Mars is also moving into Libra and creating an interesting twist to cosmic things. Nothing like the heavens doing some dance to keep life puzzling and full of energy. The “action” planet Mars wants is just that—action—yet the cold weather is spinning souls a different way. Most beings want to hibernate, take a break, nourish, protect, decompress, and allow the Universe to take over.

Taking the time to peace out is tempting, but more seems to beckon me every single day.

“If it was only warmer outside” are my constant thoughts when the sun refuses to shine and every tree looks bare and sad. But, it is imperative that inner wellness takes precedence over outer desires, at the very least until the holidays are over.

And, here’s the kicker: the inspiring thoughts and motivation that were prevalent weeks ago during a visit to the sunny west coast gave way to brain and body freeze now back in my home city. The motivation I need gets lost in a quagmire of trying to locate extra layers for movement, my reclining psyche and my need to venture outdoors.

Here are five soul-invigorating ways to keep that spirit alive while rerouting your energy into something constructive.

1. Relaxation music—whether I have ear-buds going with this stuff, or I play it surround-sound style for ambiance in my apartment, soft music helps the flow of energy in and out of my senses. I feel I can be transported to that magical warm location and my body instantly gets inspired.

It doesn’t take much to enliven the spirit with the humming of Tibetan bowl sounds.

2. Defer to your little altars—the feng shui placement of small gatherings of candles, books, art pieces, feathers, crystals, gemstones, statues, and cool rocks clears any lingering debris that will have my soul energy stuck in yuck. Pass them by often. Sit and meditate in front of them.

Touch the belongings on each altar and allow your breath to take in the feeling. Magic truly happens.

3. Download with a friend—just standing in the kitchen and discussing important topics, from spiritual musings to practical matters, any conversations with a best friend or lover has an amazing effect on altering your perspective and reality.

Communication with someone who knows you best will help you to reinvigorate your soul and forget that the cold weather has put a damper on forward momentum of any kind.

4. Silence/Journaling/Chocolate—this threesome is my go-to for soulful inspiration. It is fairly obvious that one leads to the other and goes a long way to lighting up your life. However and whenever it happens throughout the hibernation period, these crucial elements of life have a profound effect on energy transfer, not to mention overall wellness.

5. Clearing your desk—everything that has piled up in your work space for the last few months deserves a new place in the home; either put it through the shredder, file it away, or send it along to the source, wherever it needs to go. When my desk papers begin to rise higher than my laptop screen, it’s time to clear it out.

This alone gives me reason to breathe a bit deeper and spiritually open up to possibilities and opportunities. Ignore the clutter and you will ignore the path of your soul.

So much is giving us pause these days—the weather, the recent passing of a great and noble man in Nelson Mandela, the fate of the environment, how to keep our health intact over the holidays, listening to the spirit move us, and just letting go.

Reinvigorate your soul now, and the long haul of darker days will pass into that first warm ray of sunshine.



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Editor: Catherine Monkman

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