December 25, 2013

Jyotish {Vedic} Horoscopes for the Week of 12.23.










Moon is waning (Krsna Paksha).

The moon transits through its Kali phase this week as it passes through Leo, Virgo, Libra and into Scorpio. Moon is debilitated in Scorpio on 12.29 and 12.30.

Sun and Mercury are currently in Sagittarius and tracking each other closely. They both move from Mula nakshatra into PurvaAshada on 12.28. There has been some uprooting, change and dishevelment in mind and ego over the past week due to Mula and its deity Nirrti (the wife of Adharma and a symbol of breaking with dharma and Natural Law).

Mental adjustments are happening and changes to our desires and needs, but don’t get too attached to the uprooting just yet. As Sun and Mercury move into PurvaAshada on 12.28, the cleansing waters of Apas will be a balm to the spirit and soul. This is a better time for planting seeds of desire and intention after the prior tilling and ground preparation of the previous weeks.

This week Sun and Mercury form a tight conjunction. Mercury will be in exact degrees with the Sun at the tail end of 12.28 and into the first wee hour of 12.29. Mercury is combust this week as a result and stays heated until later next week when they begin to separate in degrees.

This combustion can create mental tension, agitation, anger and heated discussions. Tempers could flair, headaches might prevail; the mind will be extra hot, sharp and focused. Good for laser beam mental acuity, but not so good for “going with the flow”. Additionally, these two planets are currently receiving drishti from Jupiter, Mars and Saturn. The heat and pressure is on. You may feel stifled and yearn for escape, change and “something better.” Watch for self criticism and excess judgement towards others. Challenge your Self to learn something new and to be open and accepting of information and differences.

Remember that Venus and Jupiter are also both retrograde right now and effecting our relationships in general. As per last week’s horoscopes,

Be mindful of your need to “fix” others and remember you can only fix your Self. With the double retrograde action of Jupiter and Venus occurring, the desire to “fix” relationships will be at an all-time high. Re-direct that energy back onto your Self. Note that some relationships will get stronger during this time, while others will fall apart and lose their strength. Some individuals will lose their desire to “be in relation” at all. For the recluse types, this is the ultimate time of silence and a wonderful opportunity for meditating, spiritual focus and a strong turning inward.

Old relationships will be returning to us, offerings tests and lessons. Our relationship patterns get a big chance for re-evaluation this week. What will you learn about your Self and what new intentions surface later in the week?

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Utilize my jyoti/creative arts activities as a healing & awareness tool. This week’s Jyoti/Expressive Art Therapy Creative Engagement Activity has us working with the knees and Venus retrograde

*Horoscopes are based on your Vedic rising sign. You can also check your Moon and Sun signs for further insight. Do the same with your Navamsa signs for further clarity. Do not use these horoscopes with your “Western Sign” as there is likely no correlation. These horoscopes are meant to be used as a broad overview of the current transits and obviously do not address the specifics of an individual’s unique chart.

Aries: Your concentration and focus can get the job done and remove obstacles at this time. There is leverage for forward momentum. Meet the right people, attend to your relationships and courageously expand your tool kit and knowledge base. Take a new class? Go on a fun adventure? Find joy in the small and look for the profound lessons and healing. Self care still rules.

The snipping and letting go. Finding the essence and taking nourishment from this alone. The working backwards and retracing your steps in order to arrive at this place for the first time. The effort and courage it requires for this path into emotion, ugliness, darkness. Go there. Heal these places. Attend to your wounds.

Learning from the past can be extremely valuable. You are getting an opportunity to evaluate pieces of your Self, relationships and your creative offerings right now. Emotional lessons are adding up. Rekindle your life force, your desires, your heart song. But careful that you aren’t letting others fan your flames. Sustainability comes from being able to self-ignite.

You may be feeling confused about your courageous leaps and forward momentum suddenly. Sometimes taking a few steps back is important for your next few steps forward to be powerful. But ask your Self first “am I maintaining the status quo to avoid confrontation and possible conflict and turmoil or is this really in my best interest?” Learn from the relationships that are showing up, the ones returning. The truth is  you are learning how to live in the moment more and let go. Good thing? Perhaps. Just don’t get stuck there.

Lasting transformations and change take courage and calculated movements. Goals are achieved through moments of calculated action steps. Work backwards now. Make your lists and check them twice. Find your laser focus and align with your agenda, but don’t expect everyone else to be on your same page. Remember it’s ok to be a loner sometimes.

Put your effort into your Self and fill your love bank with good thoughts and soul food. You’ll have more to share from a sustainable place moving forward this way. You may feel longing for nourishment and your homeland right now. Take time for mother and Earth. The grounding will help you with the important choices you are struggling with.

The need to “break free” is strong, creating tension and perhaps misalignment within your relationships. Is harmony important for you to maintain or is the fire necessary? Do not lash out with blame—avoid victimhood. Instead, take responsibility for your feelings, your own needs and desires. This is a time of learning about who you are and what you are; this can be a lonely journey, yet ultimately liberating.

Retracing steps and re-evaluating past actions can be helpful as you move towards a more abundant future. There is a return to creative fire, ignited by desire and yearning. A chance to gather tinder for your own fire, giving your internal sparks company. Move with the fire. Voice this desire and find words to shape your feelings. Keep the throat chakra open and your head cool.

The need to move forward with your career and life offerings feels urgent. A certain restless thirst for movement and momentum and yet a strong desire for comfort and familiarity is alive. Is it possible to have both? As the strong desires and ambitions build, it will take focus, courage and educating your Self in order to meet the mark. Don’t let friends and older siblings derail your progress.

Return. Returning. Re-turning. Turning. Turning in. The dance within you and around you is happening in spirals, rolls and undulations; like a baby pushing up for the first time, rolling and finding a new relationship with its internal forces. Healing through your ever changing propreoception—the flux and changes that are a constant. Can you find your dance here- within the storm and chaos of change? Put words to your movement and momentum, to your spiral dance.

As you work with your relationships, you may find a returning to early memories and childish needs and wants. What are your deepest yearnings and desires? What was lost and needs to be regained for more wholeness and satisfaction? Find ways, find tools, to create what works for you and don’t expect others to be fully aligned with your process. There is support, however, in you seek it.

Relationships may be bringing some challenges to you as your career changes and goes through a metamorphosis; or is it you hindering your Self? Don’t let the negative naysayers throw you off track from your desires and dharma. Speaking your message is important and will help refine it as well as give you clarity. This internal process for clarity and enthusiasm is building momentum for what is to come. Don’t lose sight of your vision now. Plant your feet firmly and take a step forward.


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