Liberal Jesus.

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on Dec 21, 2013
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Jesus is Love, not Hate, not Fear.

Read more Bible. Watch less Fox News.

Isn’t loving your neighbor, giving other people your cloak if they ask it and then throwing in a free tunic, and turning your cheek when someone wrongs you all Christian values?

Not only that; they are the most important Christian values. Matthew 22:37-39

Sick of reading headlines like this?

11-Year-Old Unable to have Abortion in Chile Because of Jesus — She became pregnant after being continually raped by her stepfather. “Think about it. An 11-year-old girl who is the victim of rape has to now become a mother because she has no other options” (

Then let’s remember the real “love your enemies” Jesus: a Christ full of compassion for the weak and poor.

Hiding the True Jesus: In reshaping American politics and society, the Christian Right has applied a distorted version of Jesus’s teachings, downplaying his pacifism and his contempt for wealth while emphasizing later revisions that didn’t threaten the powerful. (

Rand Paul reminded social conservatives Thursday that Jesus was anti-war. “I can recall no utterance of Jesus in favor of war or any acts of aggression,” Paul said at a kickoff luncheon for the Faith and Freedom Coalition conference. (

“Jesus was a liberal Democrat,” says Colbert, tongue firmly in cheek.

And, he wasn’t “white.” [Jon Stewart] For that matter, he didn’t have long hair. Not that that matters, but…it is so.

The Colbert Report
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Bill Maher: “If Palin thinks the Pope is liberal, just wait until she hears some of the things Jesus has been saying.”

“If Sarah Palin’s this shocked by Pope Francis, she’ll be catatonic when she finally gets round to reading about Jesus in the New Testament.” (

What would conservative Jesus have done?

And, supply side Jesus!


Watch my video on Elephant: “No one is pro-Abortion” :

No one is pro-abortion!

Some great comments on Reddit: “As someone who is a Christian, it’s absolutely crazy to me how the right took the Christian Church. If you actually read the Bible there is so much on the Democratic side. But thanks to abortion and gay marriage Reps own Christians. It’s absolutely ridiculous.

…So instead of blindly following what your parents did politically you have to make a conscious decision for yourself.

“Most Christians I know are single issue voters. That issue is always abortion. They’ll never vote for a pro-choice candidate regardless of all the other policy stances. On the contrary, they’ll always vote for a pro-life candidate, no matter how horrible they may be. e.g. Trump

“But there are usually less abortions under Democrats. If all they cared about was stopping abortions, they would support contraception and real sex education.

They literally don’t see past the words pro-choice.

“We need to re-brand “pro-choice” as “pro-women”. It’s not really about the choice itself, which nobody has to agree with, it’s about women having ultimate say over their own bodies. Now let’s talk about the right to die…


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11 Responses to “Liberal Jesus.”

  1. mrchokeys says:

    The archetypal legend, who is real independently if the stories told, is indeed a revolutionary, an outlaw, and one who bonded with the our-grouped sections of society. He would not doubt be crucified all over again, with Christians driving the nails this time.

  2. Michael says:

    Jesus was God. He wasn't anti-wealth. He advocated responsibility. He wasn't anti death penalty because he he paid for our sins by accepting the death penalty of the day. He wasn't anti public prayer. He was pro humility. He never mentioned abortion or birth control because early childhood death was too common to think of actually choosing to cause a death like that. He didn't say anything about torture because he only taught about love. He never taught that wealth was wrong but taught that ignoring the poor was just like ignoring him.

  3. Mick says:

    Wow, Fox News never worried about approving my comments. Must be crazy to be that brave.

  4. ted says:

    Just to clarify,, Jesus is god. the same god that burned sodom and gamorrah for being sexually sinful. Including gay (they wanted to have sex with the angels) that they thought were male visitors of lot. Jesus (god) said if you dont work, you dont eat. Jesus didn't need to save up money cause he created the universe. Im sure he could create a 20$ if he needed one. god says you should be of sober mind.. (not drunk or stoned). You never have premarital sex. YOU follow the laws of man (example: dont smoke weed if its illegal). I can go on and on. But the main things is don't claim that the god of the bible is somehow associated with liberal socialists. Who have spent the last 100 years trying to get the world to forget jesus/god. Its just ignorant of what liberalism is. I dont care if your liberal, but at least understand the progressive socialist agenda. IF you think christians are bad. YOur gonna love islam as it grows and permeates your liberal administration. They still stone gays and cut the hands of boys that steal, they dont believe in social programs except for fellow believers. 22 muslim countries didnt give a dime to the tsunami effort because their religion doesnt believe in feed Kafir, letting them starve is easier than killing them. American christians raised more money for the tsunami than all the europen (liberal socialist) governments combined. Jesus loves you man, but he dont like people lying about him. 😀

  5. ted says:

    Jesus was not white? what color do liberals think jews are?

  6. Allen says:

    “Therefore render to Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and to God the things that are God's.” Mathew 22:21 The liberal agenda is often to assign God's work to Caesar (the government). The author of the text on the painting above inadvertently drills home the point of what's wrong with the liberal point of view. All true Christians would agree that Jesus did the right thing by feeding the multitude. But he didn't feed them for years and much more important is that he and followers did the earthly work of dispensing the food and cleaning up after. He DID NOT ask Caesar (the government) to force people to do it or finance it under the threat of a prison sentence. As followers of Christ we help the poor and the hungry because it is the right thing to do. Many non-Christian organizations also do this kind of work for the same reason. But forcing others to provide the funds and labor to do this using the IRS and the welfare system so that you can claim the moral high ground is appalling and yet is a fundamental plank in the liberal platform.

  7. Kerr says:

    Spot on! The difference in liberal thinking is that Cesar (the government) will provide social services. We conservatives believe that PEOPLE should provide these services with much more compassion.

  8. guest says:

    Thanks for speaking clearly with truth…. Unfortunately, the cultural push now towards those who don't study on their own is to tell them the rest of the Bible doesn't matter. Centuries of scholarly research is belittled by loud manipulators steering the unknowing towards unhealthy cultural immorality, passing it off as true freedom. Except their kind of "freedom" creates heavy, heavy baggage… In reality, the Bible states Jesus is the Word of God. We were created by Him, for Him. For His good pleasure. The Bible also states the Truth will set us Free. Truth, not cultural acceptance of whatever sin is currently promoted as the new fight for freedom. God's truth sets us free.

  9. Kay says:

    You can't just ask people why they're white. Judaism has several ethnic groups. Just like in Christianity, you can be white or black or Asian or *gasp* even Middle Eastern and still partake in the Jewish faith.

    You're thinking of Ashkenazi Jews, which refers to Jews who are white in color, as you so beautifully put. Ashkenazi Jewish people are traditionally from central and eastern Europe, and became a larger ethnic minority during the Holy Roman Empire (late 900s-1800s). But there's also Sephardi Jews, who are mostly from the Iberian Peninsula.

    And then there are the Mizrahi Jews, which refers to Jews who have their roots in Muslim-majority areas. This could apply to Jews in Iran, Egypt and Israel. Y'know the Israel where Jesus lived.

    Color doesn't mean anything in religion.

  10. Kent says:

    Is this a joke or a satire story? Lol because this is funny, not because its true but because most of this content is straight up wrong. First of all i can tell whoever wrote this peice didnt read the bible…and if they did they either didnt read the whole thing… Or they just copied and pasted “soundbites” from the bible without showing the rest of the story. The bible isnt a book that encourages you to pick and choose what you want to believe. The bible is a book written by man but inspired by God, meaning the words are Gods, given to and written by men of God. If you are a follower of Jesus then you are a follower of the Bible, and this means that you follow the whole bible and not just what you want to. So, before you go believing heresy like this…you should take some of these “facts” and check them against the bible. The bible doesnt contradict itself so just because jesus didnt address an issue doesnt mean the bible didnt, so read the bible and done believe the hype.