December 22, 2013

Liberal Jesus.

Jesus is Love, not Hate, not Fear.

Read more Bible. Watch less Fox News.

Isn’t loving your neighbor, giving other people your cloak if they ask it and then throwing in a free tunic, and turning your cheek when someone wrongs you all Christian values?

Not only that; they are the most important Christian values. Matthew 22:37-39

Sick of reading headlines like this?

11-Year-Old Unable to have Abortion in Chile Because of Jesus — She became pregnant after being continually raped by her stepfather. “Think about it. An 11-year-old girl who is the victim of rape has to now become a mother because she has no other options” (patheos.com)

Then let’s remember the real “love your enemies” Jesus: a Christ full of compassion for the weak and poor.

Hiding the True Jesus: In reshaping American politics and society, the Christian Right has applied a distorted version of Jesus’s teachings, downplaying his pacifism and his contempt for wealth while emphasizing later revisions that didn’t threaten the powerful. (consortiumnews.com)

Rand Paul reminded social conservatives Thursday that Jesus was anti-war. “I can recall no utterance of Jesus in favor of war or any acts of aggression,” Paul said at a kickoff luncheon for the Faith and Freedom Coalition conference. (politico.com)

“Jesus was a liberal Democrat,” says Colbert, tongue firmly in cheek.

And, he wasn’t “white.” [Jon Stewart] For that matter, he didn’t have long hair. Not that that matters, but…it is so.

The Colbert Report
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Bill Maher: “If Palin thinks the Pope is liberal, just wait until she hears some of the things Jesus has been saying.”


“If Sarah Palin’s this shocked by Pope Francis, she’ll be catatonic when she finally gets round to reading about Jesus in the New Testament.” (independent.co.uk)

What would conservative Jesus have done?

And, supply side Jesus!



Watch my video on Elephant: “No one is pro-Abortion” :

No one is pro-abortion!

Some great comments on Reddit: “As someone who is a Christian, it’s absolutely crazy to me how the right took the Christian Church. If you actually read the Bible there is so much on the Democratic side. But thanks to abortion and gay marriage Reps own Christians. It’s absolutely ridiculous.

…So instead of blindly following what your parents did politically you have to make a conscious decision for yourself.

“Most Christians I know are single issue voters. That issue is always abortion. They’ll never vote for a pro-choice candidate regardless of all the other policy stances. On the contrary, they’ll always vote for a pro-life candidate, no matter how horrible they may be. e.g. Trump

“But there are usually less abortions under Democrats. If all they cared about was stopping abortions, they would support contraception and real sex education.

They literally don’t see past the words pro-choice.

“We need to re-brand “pro-choice” as “pro-women”. It’s not really about the choice itself, which nobody has to agree with, it’s about women having ultimate say over their own bodies. Now let’s talk about the right to die…

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