December 9, 2013

Meat-free Shiok. Singapore’s 7 Best Vegan Eats. ~ Luke Walmsley


It seems there is a culinary craze going on in Singapore at the moment.

A period where trendy vogue eateries are setting up shop to support the vegan option. What makes this even stranger in a culture where “meat is neat” and sometimes considered number one in local hawker food markets, is that the carnivores are loving the hip and chic selections in the Lion City and voting with their feet!

We caught up with Luke Otter from The Hungry Ang Mo—one of Singapore’s most popular food blogs. Here’s what he had to say about Singapore’s booming vegan scene:

“In Singapore, we are now seeing a significant increase in the abundance of 100% vegan eateries.  Not only has the quantity increased, but so has the diversity.  Now, Western, Japanese, Chinese and other cuisines can be found—all vegan!”

But with its vast maze-like streets and inexhaustible supply of bars, cafes and restaurants, how are you supposed to sort the wheat from the chaff? If you’re vegan, vegetarian or “other,” read on to find Singapore’s seven most delicious and atmospheric vegan restaurants.

Shiok, a word to express great satisfaction.

From full-blown feasts to quick snack stops and ice-cream treats—you’ll find it all here.

1. Veggie Cottage Cafe: Sometimes Singapore’s relentless 24-hour nonstop metropolis atmosphere makes you want to find a haven to relax to enjoy your food without interruptions. Veggie Cottage may be small and almost impossible to find, but it carries gastronomic kudos in what it produces; be it food, drink or dessert. Inside, visitors will notice the relaxed atmosphere, often compared to similar cafes in Europe. The management have made the effort to increase the personality of the establishment by handcrafting the majority of the furnishing and it was well worth the effort.

Suggestions: Make sure you try the chef’s signature dish of “vege fish and chips,” served with homemade tartar sauce and a fresh green salad.

2. LivinGreens: The story of how this cafe has grown is almost as amazing as the food. The owners of LivinGreens began their vegan journey by improving the condition of cancer patients with a vegan diet. Subsequently they made the transition into the cafe industry with great success. Their main focus is on their customers’ health and how diet can improve it. The menu caters for both a selection of Asian and Western favorites, which are made from the freshest, vegan ingredients. It’s sometimes said, ”you are what you eat” and if you continue to eat at LivinGreen you’ll be right as rain.

3. Brownice: Indulging yourself as a vegan is probably the hardest thing to do, but fear not! It seems the geniuses at Brownice have mastered the art of providing treats created from rice instead of dairy products. Along with a range of “all natural products” the ice-cream tastes as good as the parlor looks. With their green tea flavor a favorite among detoxing locals and their strawberry flavor good enough to replace any “real” ice-cream opponent. Brownice is on to a winner.

4. Loving Heart Cafe:The bright orange redesign of Loving Heart Cafe will capture your eye and your taste buds in a heartbeat! This 100% vegan fast food outlet allows customers a self-service menu that provides a unique blend of Chinese and Indian flavors. Being able to cultivate such a reasonable priced menu out of high quality food is a plus point for the Loving Heart Cafe with set menus of soup, main and dessert for only $4. Located in a popular part of the city, it can get quite busy at peak times.

5. Genesis Vegetarian Health Food Restaurant: Situated in the party and drinking zone of Clark Quay, the Genesis Vegetarian Health Food Restaurant provides a haven of tranquility from all the madness going on around. Their twist on old western favorites combined with new infused flavors has seen visitor numbers steadily rise. The sesame oat milk has the power to help prevent high pressure and Avocado Key Lime Pie, which just looks and tastes great! Unfortunately the eatery happens to shut on Saturday, when the majority will be heading there to enjoy the vegan delights.

6. Vegan Burg: Who would have thought it, a branded vegan burger joint that can deliver to your door! But can they? Well it seems it’s the most popular place to get vegan food in Singapore, sometimes too popular with school kids, families and workers. Enjoy a common western favorite of a hotdog or burger. But it is fast food, so although you’re not eating meat, over time you’re adding inches! Vegan Burg have also joined “Meat Free Monday” with a whole host of celebs from around the world, so you may see this Vegan Burger concept land on other shores very soon.

7. Loving Hut: Founded by Ching Hai, a spiritual leader and entrepreneur from Vietnam, there are now over 200 Loving Huts worldwide. The Singapore branches are able to customize the menu accordingly with specials that suit the varying locations. The brands slogan is “Be Vegan, Make Peace,” with the aim to provide affordable meals to everyone. The model seems to be working having conquered half the globe. The “mock meat” dishes are to a very high standard and would even convince the odd meat eater.

Useful Information for travelers:  

Where to stay: See HotelClub’s huge selection of Singapore hotels to find accommodation for all tastes and budgets. From lavish penthouse suites to more affordable and family-friendly accommodation throughout the city.

When to go: Singapore’s mild and moderate weather makes it an ideal year-round destination. Temperatures hover at around 24C and 30C, dropping slightly between the months of November and January.

Emergency phone numbers: You can contact the Singapore police by calling 999, and the ambulance service on 995.


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