December 24, 2013

Meditation is My Medication. ~ Brad Morris

Meditation is the medication for me to find peace;

It’s also the prescription to cure my dis-ease.

I focus on my breath and clear out my mind,

Or focus on a mantra to help me unwind.

I envision my soul surrounded by light,

And see my heart glow as it lights up the night.

I am the Universe and the Universe is you,

Just feel the oneness as it all comes unglued.

Unglued from my worries, attachments and fears,

Seeing the blessing in everything as my mind becomes clear.

So clear I begin to see what was in front of my face,

God is in everything, in all time and space.

With practice and patience, my life naturally shifts,

I am always grateful, I see it all as a gift.

I laugh like I’m stoned and smile like I’m high,

I’m more outgoing when before I was shy.

The results in my life have turned for the best,

In magical ways, I couldn’t have guessed.

So if you’re looking for change, I suggest meditation.

It’s a great replacement for your prescribed medications.

And the best thing of all, is peace starts from within,

So let’s meditate together and allow peace to begin!

My Personal Story

For years, I justified my partying as celebrating, but I began to step away from that lifestyle and into a disciplined meditation practice.

I now realize how I was medicating my pain, stress, fears and self-conscious attributes with overindulging. As I began going deeper into my practice, I began to heal old patterns, wounds and habits that I hadn’t ever been aware of, because I’d never listened before. They were holding me back from living a truly fulfilling life.

For those of you who are wanting to get off your medications, stop drinking or quit toking and smoking (or whatever your “vice” is), here’s what I recommend from my own experience and journey.

What works for me is to add a whole bunch of awesomeness into my life. Instead of quitting the unhealthy thing, start doing the awesome things.

The more love, joy and fulfillment in your life, the less those old vices will be needed because that hole in your heart will start to fill in all by itself. Every kind act to ourselves is how we transform our reality and let the goodness of life flow in.

I didn’t quit drinking or toking, I just chose to be more healthy. I asked myself questions. How can I feel better than this? What does my body really want? What would it take to feel my best?

Over time, I added a whole bunch of amazing new choices into my life—fun ways of exercising, raw foods, smoothies, meditation, yoga, qi gong. It just keeps getting better!

It’s all about raising your vibe higher and the other stuff’ will fall away from your life. Sure, sometimes we have to dive into some old, sticky, wounded stuff, but what adventure would be complete with out a little rolling around in the dirt?

Meditation has been a hub in my wheel of life that keeps all the aspects of who I am in balance and harmony with each other: health, business, relationships, family, etc. I believe all of us in this wild world need to learn how to stop, breathe and reconnect with our heart, mind and spirit, as well as the spirit of life which runs through everything.

How else are we going to discover our purpose, live our dreams and experience the magic of being alive? Without my daily peace pause, I find it very challenging to thrive!


What is one vice you have that makes you feel bad about yourself?

What are two awesome things you can add to your life that will counterbalance the vice?

Are you 100 percent committed to changing this right now? (Yes or no?)

Take 10 minutes and do this Cowabunga Peace Pause Meditation.


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Editor: Michelle Margaret

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