December 6, 2013

Poem for a Rainbow Like You. ~ Andrea Rossin

part one:

I was swirling through the rainbow the other day lying on my back

dropping a line
into the deep earth
a meditation of light
and I counted to five and surpassed myself at seven
staying for a while to rise
with breath

from red
to orange
and into yellow

rising and falling
playing the hot musical spectrum up and down
of a life beyond thought
reduced to the open and falling heaves
of the belly

swirling in yelloworgangered
dropping that line deep deep into the earth past myself
talking through the bundles of nerves on the spine
talking through the map of the body
talking through an exhale into yellow
through green behind closed eyes

green arpeggios that clawed at the center of my chest
green arpeggios that tore through the swells of edged darkness
and melted into electric blue
lightening blue in the base of my clavicle
a shell of blue light
vibrating from last light blue in the sky to
starlight imagination
in watery reflection

I dropped the line from blue
to green
from green to yelloworangered
dipping back into what felt like space
beneath my upwardly prone stance

this is where I struggle to understand the XY axis of being human


part two:

I drew the line upwards
letting it pool in swirling curls
talking through the greenblue symphony of waves behind my closed eyes
storming and gathering and breaking
over and over again in greenblue rising arpeggiated light

up the chin

through the lips

and the bridge of the nose

between the eyes

where my glasses rest

and up just a little more up into the front of the forehead

where thoughts release into indigo focus
bending outwards now
blueindigo melodies
melting away beneath the breath and longing and fears
beneath the temporary face and soft skin and hard bones
beneath the time
and ground
and redorangeyellow

blueindigo I understand you.


when I open up my head to violet

angels rush through my skull
pulling my hair into a crown of white light
cloudy figures play against
a cool spectrum of
light-washed violet
streaming down like water on upright glass

blurry vision beyond vision

and violet time bounces off the insides
of the shell of breath inside the chest
still tracking exhales


a rainbow of light now



part three:

I was tracking through the meditation of color
with my eyes closed
lying on my back
and it was a long time
that I lay there
dropping a thread
from a ball of light in my belly

and down

asking the axis

I hear she knows


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Assistant Ed: Kathryn Rutz/Ed: Bryonie Wise

{Photo: flickr }



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