December 19, 2013

She Knows. ~ Alicia Wozniak

The truth about Santa has been revealed in my house.

My nine-year-old dragged it out of me. She’s been asking for a few years and each time she asked, there were tears. I nearly dug myself into a hole about a year ago when I dropped the bomb that mermaids aren’t real.

“What about Santa?”

Scramble. The answer I gave appeased her, but not for long.

Recently, she asked again. Well, she stated it with no tears, “There’s no way he could make it to everyone’s house in one night.” She gave me the “come clean, lady” look.

I smiled. She knows that smile.

We then discussed the rules of Santa, little kids who still believe and the wonder that is the magic of Christmas.

It’s fun to be Santa and it’s beautiful to believe in miracles.

We also covered that she’ll now be receiving crappy gifts like socks and underwear.

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