January 29, 2014

14 Tarot-Inspired Intentions for 2014.

I started toying around with Tarot cards about 10 years ago.

I was living in the San Francisco Bay area, and my fabulous new Jewish princess pothead roommate had a deck and guidebook. She didn’t like using the traditional Rider-Waite Tarot cards because they freaked her out with their eerie aptness, so she lent them to me. We’d often share a pipe and draw some Angel Cards instead.

The following year, when I was committed to the psychiatric hospital for 10 days—(long story)—my roommate there also had a deck of Tarot cards and a few books on the topic. I had a lot of time to kill while I regained my sanity, so I delved into studying the cards.

Eventually, I got my own cards. Every new year, I draw 12 of them for the 12 coming months. This year, I also drew two additional cards for the year as a whole, and here they are. (The interpretations are selected and paraphrased from Tarot for Your Self : A Workbook for Personal Transformation (2nd Edition) by Mary K. Greer.)

The Sun

Enlightenment. Clarity. Understanding. Wisdom. Overcoming former obstacles. Wholeness. Freedom and liberation. A time of creativity and personal growth. Enthusiasm. Commitment. Good relationships with others. Altruism. Vitality.

What successes are we achieving? What are we bringing to fruition? What commitments have we made?

Six Wands

Self-confidence. Leadership abilities. Advancement toward a goal. Teamwork. Journeys. Support. Reciprocity.

What responsibilities have we taken on? What has been resolved through our actions? What do we feel confident about? What kind of leadership do others need from us?

If you have a deck at home, you can play along too and do your own personal reading. If not, perhaps some of the following cards and intentions will resonate with you.

Here’s to a fantastic rest-of-2014!

January: The Queen of Swords

A lover of ideas who channels her thoughts into creative action and makes her point clearly. An intelligent, independent woman with a critical mind and a sharp tongue.

How are we using our intellectual and communicative skills? Who or what is helping us see alternative and other points of view, in a rational (perhaps critical) way?

February: Two Pentacles

Adaptability. Expanding horizons. Change. Travel. Play. Commerce. Fancy juggling.

What are we juggling in order to keep stable? What two or more situations are we handling with ease? How do we want to change our lives?

March: The Ace of Pentacles

A business or work possibility. Centering or grounding energy. Seeds of prosperity and security. Materialization of ideas.

What new opportunities are we facing? What is making us feel secure and grounded? What kinds of seeds are we planting?

April: The King of Pentacles

The ability to be practical and produce. Responsible yet stubborn. Concerned with security and quality.

How are we being practical and down-to-earth? How are we managing our material affairs (work, finances, house, possessions and the like)?

May: The Ace of Cups

The beginning of love. Opening psychic, spiritual or subconscious channels. Receptivity. Overflowing feelings. Blessings. Fertility. Birth. Marriage. Dreams.

What messages are we receiving from dreams or visions? Who is offering you nurturing and love? What does your heart feel most open to?

June: The Fool

Being open to experience. Spontaneity. Lack of inhibitions. Trusting in the universe. Experiencing life in the here and now, from moment to moment. Optimism. Travel and vagabonding. Expect the unexpected.

Where are we going? What are we feeling foolish about? What if…?

July: The Hierophant

A teacher or mentor. Intuitive guidance. Teaching and education. Identification with a culture or group. Understanding the rules of “the system.” Learning how to play the game. Feeling oppressed by “shoulds.”

Where are we looking for assistance, direction and learning? What law or rule have we broken? Which traditions are we upholding and which are we rebelling against?

August:  Three Cups

Friendship. Communication. Celebration and joy. Shared ideals. Bonding. Merriment. Fruitfulness. Achievement.

How do we relax with others? What is bringing us joy? How do we want to communicate and share with others? What cause is there for celebration in our lives?

September: The Queen of Wands

Self-confidence. Generosity. Burning passions. Intense desires. Behaves spontaneously  and has a quick temper. Utilizes her creative energies and inspires them in others.

When do we feel powerful and passionate? Who is giving us good ideas and energy? How are we expressing our creativity?

October: The Devil

Living amid confusion. Being in the dark about something or choosing to ignore the truth. Doubt and pessimism. Stagnation. Being devilish and mischievous. Overwhelming pride. Temptation. Jealousy. Judging things only by their surface appearance.

What situations do we need to look at with humor? What are the current boundaries and limitations in our lives?

November: 9 Cups

Satisfaction. Sensual pleasures. Material happiness. Emotional satisfaction. Good health. Creative visualization.

How have our wishes been fulfilled?

December: The Wheel of Fortune

The law of karma. Cycles and turning points. Generosity. Chance. Moving or changing jobs. Luck. Coming into the limelight. Or, being stuck in a rut. Beginnings and endings. Extravagance. Overindulgence.

How are we adapting to the life changes we are experiencing? Is there something we need to resolve? How are our horizons expanding?


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