January 18, 2014

8 Steps for Living an Epic Life.

Every human being is amazing; made of star dust, the living culmination of a genetic lineage that fades into long forgotten time.

Our ancestors crawled from a pond, evolved into numerous forms, and you are who you are today because the cosmos created each of us through an incredible mystery of gestation.

To be alive is to be epic—here are some tips to recognize and unleash the epicness within.

1. Believe in yourself.

Yes. You can do that—and anything else your heart guides you to do.

2. Embody your Soul. Act Now.

We can do more than get laid, be pretty, earn money or make a name for ourselves. You could cure cancer. You might be the next Leonardo Da Vinci, or Nikola Tesla. Your very thoughts, if written and shared, could change the course of humanity. You can do that, and more than you can imagine. Embody the dreams your heart whispers in the night.

3. Share your soul.

Knowledge is common. So are words. But your soul, its unique in all of the universe. It’s one of a kind. The pure special place of who you are is completely one-of-a-kind. When we express and share that pure essence of Self, a fire of hope is ignited in all around you. Be the light of hope and inspiration, and the world is changed.

4. Stop Seeking, Start Being.

Life is the greatest gift, and rather than trying to figure out what life is about, live that life … to its fullest. Carpe diem, in service to family, tribe and the world. Who you are is the most precious gift possible, and you don’t have to find you. You already are you. When in doubt, see Epic tip #1.

5. Value your Death.

It’s going to happen. Your body will die. Stop screwing around and take responsibility for the air you breath and water you drink. Respect your ancestors and the infinite amount of time that has passed to make the very unique you that you are. Act now, because your time is already up.

6. Respect Life.

Every living thing is alive and has the right to live. Whether a human, or a tree. Life is not a resource, it is a gift. In loving and valuing that gift, all possibility opens.

7. Have integrity.

Don’t waste the precious time given to others. Speak authentically. Be vulnerable. Share wisdom. Move on, move on, time is scarce. The worst that can happen is death. Integrity is power, and power can shake the foundations of the universe.

8. Be Courageous.

Time is the most precious resource. Death claims all before any are ready. Be yourself, now. Stop seeking, now. Act, now. Death may happen at any moment, even now. Your gifts are needed, now. Fear isn’t even worth fearing. Offer your soul in service to life, and become immortal.

And Epic.


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Editor: Bryonie Wise

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Read 4 comments and reply

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