Beautiful Artwork Created in 5 Minutes. {Video} ~ Melissa Horton

Via Melissa Horton
on Jan 4, 2014
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A handful of spray paint cans, haphazardly lined on the edge of a small metal table next to a blank white canvas.

A man—an artist—with an intense but appropriate mask, set on the streets of New York City, ready to blow your mind.

This video came across my bored eyes and I was stunned at the beauty created in a mere five minutes. From nothing to something, this masked man has perfected his craft, and for that, I am grateful. Take a few to watch his creation come to life, and then, I urge you to consider what you can create in a small chunk of time, today.

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Editor: Rachel Nussbaum

Photo: Screenshot from YouTube video


About Melissa Horton

Melissa Horton was raised in a sleepy Midwest town, and now thrives in the Washington, D.C. Metro area.  A lover of music and an avid writer, first, she has been a financial literacy professional for her entire adult life, starting her own financial planning firm in 2012. She prides herself on helping others envision and ultimately achieve their goals for the future, while keeping a mindful eye on her own passions and voice. In her down time, she thoroughly enjoys listening to tunes, journaling, and spending time with her family and closest friends.  She is committed to giving back to her community, feeding her philanthropic soul by volunteering for non-profits focused on education reform nationwide.  Above all else, she is a proponent for personal growth, both within herself and encouraging others to join the ride. Visit Melissa’s blog or Facebook page.


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