January 17, 2014

Boobies are Beautiful—all Around the World. ~ Jenna Penielle Lyons {Adult}

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Everyone loves boobies. Hopefully, most women love their own boobies.

Sometimes I wish I had bigger boobs when the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show comes around, but overall I feel comfortable in my own skin.

According to this Soviet artist’s poster (above), if you wash your nipples with cold water daily, they will become harder. Interesting!

I found a map which color codes the world into average breast cup size:


According to this map, American women have some of the largest breasts in the world.

Africa, the Middle East, and Asia have the smallest. The average size in these countries is A and B cups. Nothing wrong with that.

Now, in my research on boobies that I was doing this morning, I also found another perspective on tatas. It comes in the form of this appalling website, boo.by, on which users upload photos of their boobs or another woman’s boobs and other website users rate them.

I don’t know about you, but this website breaks my heart. On the website, I saw a few (beautiful) women who felt the need to have their breasts rated. And the scoring system on the website was even more…umm…misogynistic. And downright piggish. Every set of boobies starts at 0, and either progresses upward, or goes into negative numbers depending on whether people like or dislike them.

The boobs with the highest scores were perky D-cups. The boobs with the lowest scores were either saggy, small, elderly, or African American breasts.

On the list of Top 20 Worst Boobs, there appeared a picture of a women with boobs that look just like mine…tiny barely A cups. And the woman was fit and gorgeous. Another picture of a woman with boobs like mine received a score of -18.

On boo.by, there is a picture of an older woman nude on a beach. Her boobs look exactly like the top 20 best boobs of all time, but because she is older and has pubic hair, she received a score of -27 from website users.


Oh yeah, the beautiful woman who appears in the nude yoga article here on elephant journal? Her gorgeous breasts and body only received a score of two on boo.by. Pamela Anderson-esque boobs have scores of over 20,000. What this means is that only two men (or women) thought that the yogini’s fit body and boobs were aesthetically attractive.

How disgusting.

We should be ashamed that our society has cultivated this idea in the media and in our mainstream attitudes toward sexuality—the idea that only the biggest, perkiest boobs are the most beautiful.

I’m not going to get a boob job or stop running so that my boobs get bigger. And genetically, we were born with and develop the boobs we have because of a variety of reasons: nationality, foods we ate as a child, activity level, etc. There is nothing we can do about it unless we go under the knife.

And that is fine. 

So I am here to tell you, ladies (and gentlemen?), that your boobs are beautiful.

If you’re active and you barely have boobs, your chest is beautiful and the world should recognize that you don’t have boobs because you love to exercise (or you were just born that way!).

If you are a mom and your boobs aren’t as perky as they once were, that is beautiful and the world needs to recognize that you sacrificed the perkiness so that your children could eat.

If you are African American, your boobs are the same as everyone else’s, and your dark areolas are beautiful too.

If you have giant boobs, you’re in luck because men love them. But know that others think they are beautiful too…for purely non-sexual reasons.

If you had a double mastectomy, your chest is beautiful and I am grateful that you are still alive.

Regardless of what your chest looks like, you are a beautiful human. So take delight in your body and the things it can do!

Fall in love with your own self-image, and someone else will fall in love with it too. You don’t need other people to rate your boobs. You are a goddess, and we need to heal this attitude that imposes the idea of women as objects upon the masculine identity. We need to start loving ourselves and ignoring these stereotypes.

Breast size simply does not matter in terms of being a mindful human being.

We have bigger things to worry about on this planet, a planet that is an orb much bigger and rounder than any boob ever could be.



Advantages of Small Boobs (SFW Cartoon).

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