“Diane Keaton at the Golden Globes v. Diane Keaton in the L’Oreal commercial that aired during the Golden Globes.”

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on Jan 17, 2014
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Deception, by l’Oreal!

“Diane Keaton at the Golden Globes compared to Diane Keaton in the L’Oreal commercial that aired during the Golden Globes.” (2 Photos)

“It’s okay to look 50! You don’t need plastic surgery. Would you rather look like a 50 year old woman or a 50 year lizard?” ~ Bill Burr

“Wrinkles should merely indicate where smiles have been.” ~ Mark Twain

Props and kudos to Diane for aging gracefully—she’s nearly 70. Rather than go for ridiculous cosmetic surgeries a la, say, Joan Rivers, she’s continuing to take leading roles, even romantic ones, without seeking to avoid looking her age.

Wish we could say the same of the deceptive, even destructive advertising campaign she’s chosen to work with.

Beautiful, human reality vs. Deceptive, fake salesmanship:


Great discussion via Reddit:

….I think the issue is with lying to people in order to sell snake oil. No skin product will accomplish what photoshop will. And that’s fine, just don’t lie about it to rip off a bunch of people who are already insecure about their age and looks. I understand it’s common, but that still doesn’t make it right…

…Also, it’s this same bullshit tactic that makes us insecure about our ages and looks. It’s a vicious cycle.

….Sounds like a profitable cycle, thus unlikely to change.



17 Quotes & 1 Video: Happy Old Age.


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16 Responses to ““Diane Keaton at the Golden Globes v. Diane Keaton in the L’Oreal commercial that aired during the Golden Globes.””

  1. Cheree says:

    I agree. Except the fabulous Diane Keaton is 68, not 50. And even under the harsh glare of lights and live camera, she looks damn good at 68, kinda like she's in her 50's. 🙂

  2. Cynthia Parrott says:

    The L'oreal photos and commercials of Diane Keaton really do make us want to rush right out and buy their products. We can't help but think – WOW! She's THAT age and looks THAT good? Deep in our hearts, we probably know we are being duped, but there's also a part of us that wants to believe it. We want to believe in miracles! As I've watched actresses and models age over the years, I have noticed that despite the fact they are able to afford the most expensive skin care products available (more expensive than what the REST of us can afford) they cannot reverse the signs of aging. And with all her money, I'm pretty sure Ms. Keaton hasn't been using L'oreal products all these years and I am a little upset with her for promoting the lie that products will keep us young rather than showing us that any age, regardless of looks, we are beautiful! Of course this doesn't mean we should not take care of our skin and have a daily skin care ritual, but eventually we all must face the same truth – our skin is going to show signs of wear and tear and no skin care product will stop that.. How quickly it will begin to show wear and tear has more to do with genetics and environment (where we live – climate etc.) than anything else. What also comes into play is taking steps at an early age to care of our skin from the inside out by eating REAL wholesome food, drinking plenty of water, and avoiding cigarettes, drugs, alcohol and baking in the sun. We're all going to age. We need to accept it and focus more on who we are rather than what we are and what we look like. A woman with a young attitude, a kind heart and that little twinkle in her eye is the most beautiful of all. Even with a face full of wrinkles.

  3. Lori says:

    Here's a funny and revealing consideration from Craig Ferguson which looks at why our culture has in effect deified youth: http://youtu.be/UKUZ42T9diU

  4. David says:

    Hmm…makes me think of that great viral Dove video…Evolution or something. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iYhCn0jf46U

  5. Florence Stendhal says:

    Kudos to Keaton – she looked amazing at the Globes. But should we really be shaming women like Joan Rivers who exercise their freedom of choice by having surgery?

    The self-righteousness of people combating society's obsession with youth, beauty, and perfection is just as harmful as the obsession itself.

  6. nice article- thank you

  7. Karen katz says:

    as an adult oncology nurse, I take care of many people my age(57) and older-most of them are just happy when they open their eyes and they are still here!
    one of the best side effects of yoga for me has been the loosening around my emotions about aging-I see the softening muscles in my upper arms and the lines around my eyes, but somehow they don't bother me too much.
    Older yoga women carry themselves with an energy and peacefulness that is very beautiful to me.

  8. Janet says:

    Yes but do we really want to look at wrinkled, fat, skinny or ugly people on the tv day in and day out? Should we not aspire to something nice, realistic and attractive. ….but not perfect that is for sure. I am 67 and look better than Ms. Keaton. Amazing what a little makeup and hair color can do to brighten and put a smile on your face. And shedding a few pounds at this age!

  9. L'oreal test all there products on animals,shame on you Diane Keaton….

  10. Janet says:

    MOST important post of this story! Thank you Michael for reminding us that we don't NEED any more brands of cosmetics that test on animals. SHAME ON DIANE KEATON.

  11. Rand says:

    Diane Keatonʻs not doing anything wrong. Sheʻs just trying to make a living. Itʻs the advertisers who resort to phony techniques to sell product who you should scorn.

  12. MangoTango says:

    This is why I LOVE Dame Judy Dench. She wears her skin with such pride and I love her character lines (aka wrinkles). She’s so damn attractive & beautiful & 100% natural.

  13. latterenee says:

    Can anyone recommend some make up brand to me that is good for your skin (I have rosacea and dermatitis) AND has some sense of integrity and morals? I'm near running out of my current stuff and I don't want to support a brand that creates an unrealistic and quite frankly, false, beauty standard.


  14. Lydia says:

    You will find lots of options at your local health food store. They have natural products that are not made of or tested on animals, but work really well, and won't irritate your skin. Most brand name mascara is made with bat guana… yes, poop. That's what sent me looking for natural, non-animal products. And they're great. Good luck.

  15. mamaplayspiano says:

    Glad you haven't opted for surgery Diane, but L'Oreal are into vivisection. Bugger you endorse them.