January 17, 2014

Finding Purpose, Finding a Niche. ~ Steve Davies

I’m coming ’round to this often bandied about phrase “niche.”

Bolt “market” on the end of this, and you come up with something quite attractive: “a small area of trade within the economy often involving specialized products.”

That’s kind of sexy.

Standing alone, niche takes a slightly more restrictive slant—“cubbyhole,” “pigeonhole,” “recess” or “hollow.”

I’m beginning to feel “stuck in a rut”—where’s the pizzazz, the zing or magic sparkle in that?

How do we define ourselves? Are we happy with who we are or do we feel we have missed something along the way? At what point do we stop and accept; define something, or stick with what we feel is fundamentally right?

I share the opinion of the Dalai Lama who has the view that it is important to “adapt to change not to let go of your values,” that it is healthy to embrace change, but to keep in the front of your mind what is fundamentally you and the ethics of life that you abide to.

To be a specialist or an expert can, I would imagine, incorporate a somewhat blinkered approach with limited vision.

It would come at the expense of fresh discovery, spontaneity and truly living your life. The flip side of this argument would perhaps be knowing your purpose. To weave this into any marketing strategy must surely involve finding the middle ground.

Where do we stand? Buddhism teaches us to find “the middle way” in life, which can be likened, at times, to walking the high grounds of a precipice between two differing sides and maintaining a balance without falling fully one way.

I regret not being an expert in anything, however, immersing myself fully in a world of diversity has enabled me to gain inspiration in my life.

In being a seeker, I feel I have grown and become more dynamic through seeing the opposing elements with clarity.

Knowing when we’ve arrived must be found through not only being intuitive with yourself, but honest too. Then the equation can come to its answer.

The trick, if there is one, is to maintain our identity and not be swayed by others or anything superficial. To think for ourselves and with the conviction of our own sense of responsibility and purpose, and not borrow or imitate others.
By truly identifying with ourselves and sharing our uniqueness, we ignite this sense of purpose.

I’ve loved the fast paced life, but as I sit back and distill the essence of what is truly me, I’ve refined my direction. For me, the journey has been full of excitement and fun, peaks and troughs, but never stagnant.

I’m not still now either; I’ve just found my niche.

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Assistant Editor: Guenevere Neufeld/Editor: Bryonie Wise

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