January 23, 2014

Iridescent Bubbles of Love. ~ Marulé MacKay {Poem}

“Yesterday I went outside, With my mama’s mason jar, Caught a lovely butterfly

When I woke up today, Looked in on my fairy pet, She had withered all away

No more sighing in her breast.”

~ Weezer, Butterfly


Yesterday you were all over me like my warm cotton fleece blanket,

I was close against your skin

I was wrapped around you


We kept the love inside

Today you are as cold as a stony heart

The quickening of my heartbeat

As I sense your absence,

I thought if I held my breath

You would soon return

When I exhaled…

I get attached to stuff

I got attached to you

I’m not sure if my tears make me stronger

Or rather thicken the walls of my heart,

I have not evolved to deal with love and loss


“Be like a butterfly. Butterflies are beautiful. They rarely linger long enough to satisfy our desire to gaze at them. They happily move along in their pursuit of other flowers and other nectar somewhere nearby, but not as close as we’d like.”

~ James Bauer


I must stay just a little out of your reach

Your words

Are like my empty tears,

They burn holes

In my sensitive wings,

Love is action, not words

And my love affair with words won’t help me here

How can you ever know my beauty

If you don’t come any closer

And run your fingertips over my silky rainbow-like wings,

I just need a tender touch

The warmth of your breath on my delicate structure,

I will be a kaleidoscope of colour for you

I will be beautiful for you

I will be beautiful for me



I sense the distance,

And in those spaces I suffer the weeping of the loss,

It’s a silent loneliness

Unspoken visions of loveliness

Shores of never-never lands

Forever ashes in my hands

I surrender,

To the knowing of what it evokes to love so deeply, so gently…

As I flutter away with poised grace.


“Say my name, And every color illuminates

We are shining, And we will never be afraid again”

~ Florence and the Machine, Spectrum


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Assistant Editor: Andrea Charpentier/Editor: Catherine Monkman
Photos: Elephant Archives, provided by Author, courtesy of Deviantart

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