Lose Weight: A Strict Media Diet. ~ Jennifer Moore

Via Jennifer Moore
on Jan 4, 2014
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When I became pregnant, I went on a strict media diet and “lost weight”.

I wanted to keep my peace and provide the most nurturing environment possible for my growing child. I had a daily yoga, mediation and walking practice. I watched the food and beverages I consumed, careful to avoid toxins. It dawned on me…shouldn’t I also manage what I was taking into my head and my heart?

My Strict Media Diet went something like this: no television, no radio, no newspapers, no magazines. The exception I made to this rule allowed for consumption of spiritually uplifting materials and a few entertaining programs on NPR. This personal decision raised many eyebrows and grew into a social experiment. Family members and close friends expressed concern, “How will you know what is going on? What if something terrible happens and you don’t know about it?”

“If I need to know, you will tell me about it!”…obviously. I wasn’t shunning awareness, just limiting my exposure to information and images that caused me stress and over which I had no control. I felt confident that any relevant news stories (local fires, dangerous criminals on the lose, impending bad weather) could be relayed to me by my loved ones, on a need to know basis.

What effect on the world would my lack of news consumption have?

None. I had eaten it up out of habit. I rarely acted on the tragedies I read about and I certainly wasn’t going to become an activist or volunteer while pregnant. The world news continued to spin on despite my lack of audience. After 9 months on my Strict Media Diet I felt grounded, calm and strong. My son entered the world in a blizzard with much difficulty. The world was covered in white and my heart was many pounds lighter. I had moved beyond fear. I was transcendent.

Just as a healthy food diet makes you sensitive to unhealthy food, my mental diet has made me keenly aware of what I see and hear; whether it feeds me or weighs me down. I consume media mindfully now, keep it light and limit my exposure to sensationalized negativity. I find it difficult to digest.

I have recommitted to the Strict Media Diet. The world looks a whole lot better from here. This beautiful world is the one I choose to live in. You don’t need to be pregnant to try this experiment. Be discerning. Consume mindfully. Get outside. Talk to your neighbors. Talk a walk and breathe in the fresh air. Connect with your immediate environment.

If the external world is a reflection of our collective inner experience and we moderate our intake of negativity, won’t the world look better…and be better?

Disclaimer: If you read this hoping for a weight loss plan to drop the pounds you added over the holidays, here you go: Be discerning. Consume mindfully. Get outside. Talk to your neighbors. Take a walk and breathe in the fresh air. Connect with your immediate environment.

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About Jennifer Moore

Jenn Moore Mehmke is driven to communicate through movement, words and images. She is a certified yoga teacher, communication consultant and writer. Jennifer’s young son is her inspiration and parenting him reminds her daily that beauty exists everywhere. Jennifer can be found on Facebook at Breathe Peace. Follow her blog Daily Breath.


2 Responses to “Lose Weight: A Strict Media Diet. ~ Jennifer Moore”

  1. semo2 says:

    Great article! thanks a lot I appreciate it 🙂

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  2. forestjames3 says:

    Great type of diet and diet tips you have here. I agree that exposure to news especially the bad ones will cause you stress and will eventually make you gain weight. I have read some time ago that to avoid stress is to not watch late night news. However, your strict media diet made me realize that it is a lot better. I was off my television sets for a while but I have facebook with me all the time. I guess I have to limit on browsing my FB too. 🙂 However, please do not forget to eat healthy by eating fruits, vegetables and drink lots of water and fruit juices too in addition to your strict media diet.