January 6, 2014

Manifesto for an Adventurous Life. {Video}

Want to know my most precious possession?

My memories.

Like the time I almost got eaten by a wolf (or so I thought). I was talking to my sister in the park, but sunset came way faster than expected. In wolf season and not knowing that wolves are actually more afraid of humans than we are of them, we got scared by a wolf that was on the bushes and I truly felt like my life was over. Luckily, the wolf was not interested on us, so we got out alive from that one.

When was the last time you ran because you were scared to the bones? For me, it was the time when walking back from work at night I was so scared and lost that I ran like hell until I felt my legs like they were about to come out. I was in the middle of a pitched dark street and the trees seemed like out of a scary movie. Later I laughed at that.

I still feel my feet hurting from the time when the car broke down and my dad and me walked to the next gas station to get water and antifreeze liquid. It is quite an adventure to walk in heels in a moody terrain let me tell you that.

And so many other “times when,” that happen in the most ordinary of the days.

To me, this is what life is made of. The adventures I get day by day; the unexpected walk or even the smiles I run into on the street. That is why, I’ve decided to savor every moment more, have my story touched by the effects of traveling and by the enjoyment of everyday experiences. I will take my passport out for a foreign journey and I will definitely appreciate and keep close to my heart all the little adventures this world has to offer. So next time I’m feeling down, I can close my eyes and live this again. Smile and breathe so deeply I feel my lungs about to explode.

If a little more inspiration is needed, here’s a video about the gifts even a weekend getaway can give for you. This I’m sure will get you on your feet and out to the world.

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Editor: Rachel Nussbaum

Photo: WikiCommons

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