January 23, 2014

Marley’s Rainbow Bridge. ~ Jaimie Schultz

“Dogs communicate with us through an unspoken emotional bond which makes these relationships the most intimate, vulnerable and loving relationships to ever exist. There are no words or logic, only love.”

~ Jaimie Schultz

They say dogs are our closest link to heaven on Earth; little four-legged furry angels that are sent down from above just for us. They communicate with us through an unspoken emotional bond that make these relationships the most intimate, vulnerable and loving relationships to ever exist.

There are no words or logic, only love.

A dog’s entire essence is based on this (and, possibly, if your dog is anything like mine was, food).

So, when the decision was made to put our furry buddy, Marley, down last week, my heart sank into my stomach. It had taken me months of watching him rapidly decline from the hand of canine diabetes to get myself to acknowledge that his quality of life was more important than my need to hug and squeeze him on a daily basis. A combination of finding out he was insulin resistant, blind and the sound of his constant, soft whimpering put the writing on the wall.

It was “time.”

We wanted Marley with us through the week so we would have the chance to say/give our goodbyes and spoil him rotten. The week can only be described as one filled with numbness and an immense feeling of trying to figure out how to get the timer to stop counting down. But, as you and I know, in our humanness we were not given the ability to stop of even slow down time…and the realization made me feel sick.

Our family made it through the New Year and things started settling down; at least in the world around us. In our immediate lives, things only seemed to pick up. Anxiety, sadness, doubt and guilt plagued me every second of every day. By Thursday morning, it became so intense it was hard for me to even function without breaking down into tears.

I didn’t feel grounded. I didn’t feel balanced. I knew what I had to do. I had to get into my prayer space and Marley needed to come with me.

I rose from bed and per usual Marley was instantly at my side. Down we went into my prayer space where candles were lit. We each took turns smelling the bergamot oil in my palms. Yes. You read that right. I made my dog, Marley, smell the oil as well. His reaction? Lots of kisses on my hand; he dug it. From there I moved into my silence while focusing all my energy on Marley and the situation at hand.  I asked for a message specific to me…one that would help me heal.

The floodgates opened and a beautiful message came through. A message that proved our four-legged furry friend really was an angel.  An angel, whom sadly, needed to venture back home to Spirit.

This is what was revealed in the Marley Meditation:

Marley has been with you during the most difficult years of your life as a guide giving you exactly what you needed through the years; love, security and protection. The bond that has been formed was not by chance, but given by Spirit to carry you through this time of your journey. Marley watched as you evolved in your role of wife and mother.  He was by your side through your sadness that led to the door of transformation. Marley was given to you so you would know and understand that you were, and are, not alone as you travel(ed) on your journey.  His presence was there to help you feel safe and reassure you of your beauty and grace as you began to show and stand up for the vulnerable pieces of your Soul. That was his purpose in your life and why he was given directly to you. You are now able to confidently and comfortably honor your Soul Temple for who you are; making Marley’s role in the material world complete. 

At this point I saw an amazing rainbow of colors pouring out of Marley and rising upwards. I opened my eyes, took a deep breath and immediately began to cry tears of sadness and wonderment. I was overwhelmed at the comfort and peace I felt in that moment. I finally understood why my buddy had to go (more on this later).

I spent the rest of that day lying on the floor cuddling and snuggling my angel. There were lots and lots and lots of tears, but even more “thank you’s”’ and “I love you’s.” I was overrun with gratitude for this animal that truly accompanied me through some of the toughest, yet best, years of my life.

Even though I saw why Marley was being called home, it did not take away the pain and sadness.

Friday morning arrived way too quickly. I could do little more than silently cry as I watched my angel’s final moments in our home…the final snuggles, hugs and smells of each other. I begged Marley that morning to send me a sign that he made it to the Rainbow Bridge. A sign that he was at peace and that he was okay. I told those big, brown eyes that he needed to show me a duck (his favorite animal to chase after), or birds…only then would I know he was okay.

We loaded into the truck and headed out. All I can say about what followed is that Marley left this world in an incredible state of peace and calm. He left this world in my arms and hearing the voices of Sarg and I whispering, “I love you.”

After all was said and done, we took time to drive past all the places that were filled with great memories of Marley. Our old lake home where he filled his days with chasing ducks…the dog park where he ran and ran and ran…we even went down to his all-time favorite walking path recalling all the memories of walks past.

The sadness was almost unbearable when I thought, “Marley, show me a sign!  Tell me you’re okay!”  No sooner did the thought enter my mind, when suddenly a huge pack of birds flew up right next to my window and across the front windshield.

I smiled, looked up and noticed two hawks flying and dancing in the sky.

Marley made it to the Rainbow Bridge.

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Assistant Editor: Andrea Charpentier/Editor: Bryonie Wise

Photos: courtesy of the author

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