January 18, 2014

Michael Pollan Says We Can Eat Whatever We Want (Well, Sort of). {Video}

In the video below, bestselling author Michael Pollan states that we can eat whatever we want as long as it’s made by humans and not machines.

It’s a compelling argument, and one that I tend to agree with.

Pollan explains that it’s the additives, the extra sugar and salt, and the whole laboratory of chemicals that “Corporate Cooking” dumps into our food that A) makes us eat more and B) makes us eat the wrong-kind-of-more.

As someone who’s been on many “Corporate Cooking” endorsed diets in the past (blame it on my “skinny” obsessed mispent youth) I can speak to the fact that eating an entire tube of Olestra Fat-Free Pringles, or drinking three Slim Fasts a day, does not a healthy lifestyle make.

In fact, I’d rather be 20 pounds overweight on an all natural diet than be at “my perfect height to weight ratio,” living on low-fat this and processed that.

But that’s enough about me, and enough about what the video’s about, I won’t spoil Pollan’s words by giving you every last detail.

I’ll let Pollan speak for himself:


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