My Out-of-Season, Non-Organic Orange. ~ Jennifer Moore

Via Jennifer Moore
on Jan 19, 2014
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Eat with the seasons. Eat local.

But what to do when gifted an orange in winter in Wisconsin?

My mother sent me home with a bag of Florida oranges a couple days ago. Last night I enjoyed a night out with friends; delicious food, music and a few drinks. Today I woke up today feeling a bit foggy.

I am living my dream: writing and publishing. As I walk this glorious path, I find I am squatting in from of my computer on my buttocks for most of every day. Today is no exception. I was feeling weighted down, dried out and sucked in.

Six hours into working, I remembered the oranges in the fridge.

I practice eating local (when possible) and eating seasonal (when I remember), but today I ate an orange. I let the juice run down my lips and chin. I was filled with light and happiness (not exaggerating). It was one damn good orange. Thank you Mom!

This orange got me thinking about the values and principles we hold onto so tightly.

How does mindfulness jive with conviction?

Shouldn’t we remain open to the moments when reality offers a chance to step outside out convictions… mindfully?

I think Buddha would eat the orange. I also think Jesus would eat the orange. I am compelled to believe that all of the wise saints and sages that came before us would also… eat the orange.

A foundational principle in the practice of yoga is Ahimsa, a personal commitment to Do No Harm. This is not a rule, but a guiding principle against which our thoughts and actions can be weighed.

The Practice:

When faced with a situation that appears to put you in opposition to your beliefs and convictions, take a breath.
See the situation as it is, without layering it with more meaning than it deserves.
Ask: will this help or hurt me? others?
Decide if you can take action and still remain committed to Do No Harm.
Act mindfully.

Today I saved myself from dehydration and exhaustion with a carbon-footprint laced, out-of-season, non-organic fruit.

I am ok with this.


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Photo: Jennifer Moore


About Jennifer Moore

Jenn Moore Mehmke is driven to communicate through movement, words and images. She is a certified yoga teacher, communication consultant and writer. Jennifer’s young son is her inspiration and parenting him reminds her daily that beauty exists everywhere. Jennifer can be found on Facebook at Breathe Peace. Follow her blog Daily Breath.


3 Responses to “My Out-of-Season, Non-Organic Orange. ~ Jennifer Moore”

  1. Val says:

    If it makes you feel better – it actually *is* orange season right now in Florida.

  2. sabine says:

    Excellent – sometimes an orange is just an orange. Life is good. 🙂

  3. Maria says:

    You also used a gift from your mother as intended. She would be happy to know how much you enjoyed it. That is more than just non-harm, it is gracious.