Revenge of the Selfies. {Hilarious Photos}

Via Laura Ashworth
on Jan 11, 2014
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old iphone upgrade

Once, I lost my iphone and the world’s tiniest violin played for me.

I found the iphone two days later, wedged between sofa cushions. 

Danielle Bruckman, the creator of the below photographs, also lost her iphone. However, she did not find it two days later. Instead, she found mysterious selfies from an unknown man, the now owner of her lost iphone, syncing directly onto her Mac’s cloud service.

So what did Bruckman do next?

Something hilarious.

She recreated the mysterious man’s 2013 selfies; and posted one per month to her tumblr.

And here they are—

Danielle Bruckman’s My Cloud Pal:















For more details about the above project, you can find Bruckman’s tumbler at:

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About Laura Ashworth

Laura Ashworth currently lives in Richmond, Virginia. She’s a mermaid at heart and thus her passion for barren, waterless landscapes often confounds her. She welcomes new friends. You can find her on Facebook and Twitter, or on her fictional humor blog about a fledgling magazine, Spugnacious.


4 Responses to “Revenge of the Selfies. {Hilarious Photos}”

  1. hkoren says:

    When you lift content from somebody else's site it is a courteous thing to include a hyperlink to your source:

  2. @LGAshworth says:

    Thanks for the reminder! I thought I'd linked it up, but hadn't. I agree. It is the coureous and correct thing to do.

  3. Dakota Snow says:

    This is hilarious! Oh man. I can't wait to do this to somebody.