January 31, 2014

Saturn: You’ve Got Me on My Knees. ~ Ezzie Spencer

Ah, there it is: the energetic pincer.

Curling around the knots in my spine, prompting an involuntary clench of the muscles in my neck. Jolting me awake at 4 a.m., dangling a worst-case scenario before my eyes, or is it…could it be…that I am just now, at this pre-dawn witchy hour, recognizing reality?

This is Saturn. This is the experience of a Saturn transit. This article is part ode to the humbling, gasping awkwardness of such a transit. It is also partly a navigational aid, should you currently be experiencing Saturn in the same way.

To clarify: in the archetypal astrology system, each celestial entity is representative of a part of ourselves. The Hermetic adage, as above, so below applies. The birth chart is a freeze-frame of the sky at the moment that we are born, the wild smattering of glyphs representing elements of our complex, multivalent selves.

To engage with this information in a constructive way, rather than through mere curiosity, is key. To emphasize the integration of the complexity within our charts is to work with archetypal astrology as an evolutionary force, a method through which to narrate our personal experience, and a way to facilitate our continued growth.

And how to decode the growth potential of Saturn?

Saturn is exacting. Saturn is dry. Saturn, it seems, is hurting my neck.

Saturn is frustrating. I retreat to the laptop screen, and away, then back again. In the dead of the night as I wake—again—and in broad daylight, I curse this pain.

Oh, Saturn, I see. True, I do often resist expressing the extent what I have to say. No wonder my neck hurts: my throat is blocked. Holding back my opinions is physically hurting me now. Voicing my real thoughts is the key to matching your integrity.

Why is Saturn holding me in such a suffocating embrace, right now?

Most of us are familiar with the late 20’s (and then again in the mid 50’s) as the time of the Saturn Return. That’s one type of Saturn transit. Saturn takes one slow, deliberate step at a time around the Sun until it returns to the place in the sky that it sat when we were born.

The Saturn Return is a period of reckoning, with the first Saturn Return representing a step over the threshold to full adulthood.

What many of us don’t realise is that Saturn keeps going. Following (and, indeed, preceding) the Saturn Return, Saturn marches relentlessly around the Sun, and figuratively, around our own charts, tightening and then loosening its grip on each of our planets, luminaries, asteroids and points, in turn.

This week, for instance, Saturn is manifesting as a boa constrictor on my Scorpio Sun, representative of my conscious self. No amount of green juice can quench the darkness in the circles under my eyes, of late. Saturn is choking my life force.

Or is it?

Saturn, you’re right. This is a time of rest. There is a year of epic adventure ahead, following on from past few years of turbulent and rapid change.

Now you mention it—am quite grateful for the reminder on this one, Saturn.

Saturn is the stern disciplinarian, with every intention of supporting our success.

Saturn is who watches over our vision boards, and each fresh batch of our annual goal-setting worksheets. Saturn represents the part of ourselves that knows what actions we must take, in reality, to co-create our chosen destiny.

You’re right, Saturn. I didn’t really consider what it would involve to create my imaginings in the stringency of the timeframe that I imposed. And hey, now it comes to it, I do feel better now you’ve guided me back to earth, Saturn: helping me to understand which small steps to take next.

And you?

Even if you do not know which points and planets in your birth chart are currently subject to Saturn’s rigid caress, where in your body do you feel most tense, right now?

The tension may be a hint. If you feel to, hand the microphone to Saturn with me.

Saturn: it hurts. What am I missing?

How can I grow?

Saturn, I am ready.

Listening. Opening.


Saturn, thanks for the reality check.

I’m here with you now, Saturn.

And you?

Tell me your Saturnian revelations.

How may Saturn help you?


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Assistant Editor: Judith Andersson / Editor: Bryonie Wise

Photo: elephant archives


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