January 2, 2014

Some Seriously Weird & Provocative Art From Ron Mueck.

There is no practicality in fine art.

It is a dream ensnared, a thought-shadow tentatively captured and then released with love, anger, awe or any of the spectrum of emotions which unfold within the human heart.

Ron Mueck, a modern sculptor with an absolutely unique—some might say disturbing viewpoint, creates such art.

Although the definition of “good” art is infinitely subjective, for the most part I believe we know it when we see it. It plucks a string inside us made of nerve and bone and soul, and that string buzzes and reverberates as we try to absorb the meaning of this mysterious thing the artist has ushered into the world.

Mueck’s hyper realistic but exceedingly odd portrayal of everyday people plucks that string in me.

I feel like I know the subjects of his work; each one seems to be a totally conceived individual with a past, present and a future. The disorientation of seeing such familiar faces distorted in size and dimension creates a sense of intrigue and discomfort, as if I am an intruder and witness to surgically exposed places in their secret lives.

Take a look; get very still and listen to the dialogue these pieces stir inside you, let your emotions rise. You may not think Mueck’s work is beautiful, but it is impossible not to be affected by it.


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Editor: Catherine Monkman

Photos: Ron Mueck, Imgur

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Read 1 comment and reply

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