January 28, 2014

The Upcoming New Moon.

Embracing our inner rebel.

A dynamo New Moon in Aquarius is calling all souls to get out of our ruts and stop listening to the old noise in the head.

This go round is a blue moon, so we will check off items on our bucket list and transfer them over to our “already accomplished” and “moving forward” lists—dreams will happen once every blue moon. Be prepared to absorb all the transits in the sky naturally occurring as well. We can’t see them playing around with each other, laughing, cavorting and gearing up for the best year ever on record. But it is here. The planets and stars have their own language and we are mere mortals in the grand scheme of the Universe’s existence. All we have to do is show up and throw caution to the wind.

We can move forward now with our inner rebel at its peak. Give it a tight hug and ensure that the security in doing so will produce more than we dreamed. As a girl (yes, I still consider myself a girl) growing up in the 50’s and experimenting with every aspect of life in all ways, shapes and forms, I knew that my rebellious streak would never die. It never needed to. If anything it is going gangbusters right now and ready to launch into a brand new way of life.

Aquarius calls for being a wee bit unsettled, taking that one idea and steamrolling it into something greater, bending over backwards for our fellow humans, leaping into the unknown by breaking every rule in the book and never looking back, and showing the crimson shades of our hearts oozing with natural love. The second new moon of January is about to display the crazy and wild side!

Embrace the new self, embrace others and their newness, and be more than we ever thought we could be. Be wicked and alive and awkward. A sleeping conscience is no longer valid. I feel it is a time to focus on our individual essences and being one with all around us. Allow the senses to absorb the feelings of everything in our surroundings, knowing full well that any insecurities and anxiety will give way to a collective consciousness of grounded love and transformation. It has to start with our inner self.

I can barely contain my own rebellious devices long enough to chart earthly courses of action that are demanding my attention. Things are changing in my world, things that took another lifetime to commit to and be present for in every moment. My spiritual partnership has upped a notch in awareness and growth and heart-centered activities. Simply taking the time to reassign priorities and put him on the front burner for as long as needed to ensure that we together are aligning in this beautiful world. Our evening walks at sunset, always looking at the gifts between us and with others, having the depth in conversation that only two matched souls can relate to, and feeling that forward momentum is all part of the security between us, which is the crux of this Aquarius blue moon energy.

I thought for so long that my life was fairly routine and comfortable and not needing much to open new doors and possibilities. Recently, I found myself dancing like a crazy teen kid the other day because a compilation of songs moved my soul long enough to take that 50-something outer woman and turn her back into the rebellious and carefree child I feel always nests in my inner being. This person came out to play again and she’s playing with all systems a go. I must have felt the New Moon presence, even days before the actual happening, as my intuition goes there before I have a chance to catch up in the conscious life.

Dreams are heightened. I catch myself chattering randomly to penny finds on the road, pristine areas of the nearby wetlands and every dog that I take care of on a regular basis. I sing to the top of my lungs on my runs through the neighborhoods. I started swimming again with no swim cap, braided wild curly hair like a kid and big fat jet black plastic goggles. I revisited some fun weight training balance moves that used to challenge the bejeezus out of me, and now I embrace them with vim and vigor. Instead of walking breaks from writing, I am now taking dancing breaks. Silliness prevails. All kinds of breakthroughs feel possible.

We won’t be able to see the current new moon, but our bodies will know it is there.  The current weather patterns alone are somewhat wacky in their own right and January is ending with a natural rebellious bang.

“Every act of rebellion expresses a nostalgia for innocence and an appeal to the essence of being.” ~ Albert Camus

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Editor: Rachel Nussbaum

Photo: tallpomlin via flickr

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