January 16, 2014

Timing is Everything.

Once we get that feeling in our bodies that something is about to happen, it is difficult to shake.

We plan and plan and visualize and dream and all the synchronicities line up, yet nothing happens. We write in our journals, ask the Universe for answers and surrender to the moments. We have clarity. We are 100% positive that the path we have embarked on is the best choice for us—then, crickets.

We are halfway through the first month of the New Year and already impatience for change seems to be at an all-time high, mine included. I think back months ago when I envisioned radical changes to my environment and how that was going to take place. I felt as though all of the steps I was taking led me towards the direction of my magnificent dreams. My gut was on overdrive.

Then something happened—and it wasn’t what I expected: life lessons. I had way more to learn in this big old wonderful simple life of mine. My ego had to take an enormous back seat to what my Higher Power had planned for me. My surrender had to be much more extensive and intensely more powerful. In essence, I had more to learn.

When I took a six-year journey starting back in 2006 and arriving at several newfound destinies, I felt I was done with traversing through more challenges and obstacles and roller coasters. I thought life was finished slapping me in the face with wake up calls. Lo and behold, it was just another beginning and the best one so far. I was meant to experience a profound preparation for another level to my journey through life. I needed to explore more relational patterns, blow apart old ways of thinking and doing, and connect to my inner core that confused me at times, but showed me how much more there is to my depth than I thought possible.

Timing is everything. As much as I had my own ways of “planning” (I’m the least planning person I know) I had to learn more about this crazy and random life of mine, and in a way my intuition was a step ahead of me. If things weren’t happening right away, I had to surrender the control that I have done all that I can and what is left to do now is to be patient. The Universe heard me. She knows when and where and how my life is taking shape. She takes care of the details. The foot work and mental work is mine to do and then letting go is hers to have.

The thought of releasing all of my emotions—body and soul—to her is an enormous load off my mind. Continuing to remind myself that she is in charge and all I can do is listen to the signs and be aware when things are shifting.

When I reclined on a bio bed recently the energy transference of those warm amethyst crystals against my body completely reminded me of the need for constant self-care and energy work.

It also helped that my friends’ dog jumped on the bed with me, nuzzled his adorable face in my arm pit and relinquished all pent up anxiety about what is to come. The combination of dog and healing bed not only warmed my heart, but it allowed for some month-long knots in my upper back to be released and relaxed. I was so grateful for the experience and the timing of it all.

As simple as the apparent interaction of life’s changes coordinated with the desires of change needed, it only makes sense to allow Mother Nature to have the reins. Only she knows when to pluck you out of your current existence and send you on your merry way.

Like the caterpillar in the cocoon, hanging gracefully and patiently on the tree, the butterfly will emerge when the timing is right. We can learn a lot from nature. She never forces anything or any being into an unnatural state.

If you did the work, then change is inevitable.

Trust that life will fall into place when and where it is meant to, if you know in your gut that everything is being taken care of by your Higher Power.

Right now, more is required of us. I feel it. I sense it. I do my best to allow it. All that is left is to surrender every single day.

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” ~ Lao Tzu


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Read 2 comments and reply

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