January 16, 2014

We work hard. Every day. (“Farmers, the cornerstone of America.”)

“But we’re selling to farmers.

Cheers to John Paul, too, for supporting him, and for the right reasons.

With thanks to Reddit for the heads up on this:

Our planet needs more people like Johnny! I’m gonna go cry now. [7:24]”  (youtube.com)

“I love the fact that Johnny is legitimately confused by the idea of increasing the price of the unit. He doesn’t get it, doesn’t think in that way at all. All he wants to do is help the farmers and help the planet. Farmers are one of a kind good people.”

His father taught him well:

In response to a Reddit commenter bemoaning the fact that there aren’t more entrepreneurs who care more about others than monetary gain: “That’s the thing though. You are also one of them. Everybody says and keeps saying “I wish there were others like him…”

Well, you are one of the others. People always look at others to change or do things, the so called ‘more important’ people. Because they supposedly have more money and for some reason it only works in large scale.

But anyone can contribute, even if it’s just a little. If you can’t supply it yourself, buy from those others you are talking about. Buy not from the large cooperations that over charge people to gain money.

All people do is look at others to step in because they themselves don’t think they are worthy enough.”



He’s doing well.

here’s the update


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