January 10, 2014

What Eliminates Obstacles?

Our lives are structured in consciousness.

This is a fundamental realization of all wisdom traditions.

It takes only a small degree of self-awareness to confirm this insight: the pattern of our thoughts and emotions give rise to our life experiences. Once we see this, the recognition dawns—that transforming the pattern of your life experiences begins with transforming the patterning of your inner consciousness.

In moments of clarity this realization is obvious.

But, when conditions people around you are being oooooh sooooo impossible, this wisdom sounds like so much California fluff.

And the voice in your head agrees, “Patterns of consciousness? Don’t make me laugh, yoga-man. It’s these people—not my thoughts—that are the real obstacle.”

There’s no arguing with the voice in your head.

Inner argumentation just intensifies the thought/emotion static. More thoughts. More emotions. And continuous replays of the same unsatisfactory dramas—in your work, in your relationships, in your life.

It’s a New Year.

But, the patterns of the past (in our heads) don’t care about the calendar.

They won’t transform on their own. They need our mindful attention, our loving awareness.

  • What are the patterns of mind and experience that we no longer want in your life?
  • What is a repetitive pattern that has outlived its usefulness?

Don’t answer too quickly. Slow down.

Allow mindfulness and loving awareness to precede and then infuse your goal setting.

Rushing towards goals is often a way of by-passing the inner work that precedes transformations in your life conditions. There is a radiant intelligence within you that knows how to release the outmoded patterns. Turning towards this radiance, facilitates transformation.

It knows exactly what needs to be released for you to open up to the free flow of sacred creative energy and awareness. It knows how to free your consciousness from outmoded repetitive patterns and thus open you to receive a new thought.

Is that all?

Just a new thought?

Yes, because when it comes to transforming your life, this is everything. To receive a new thought means that you have re-patterned your consciousness. You have entered into a new pattern of creativity—a new way of being, a new life.

Every year, there are natural breaks in the calendar that offer a chance to hit the Reset button.

New Year’s is one culturally sanctioned time.

But, the truth is, these breaks—these open doors—occur with every breath. When your awareness is balanced – you can see this.

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Editor: Catherine Monkman

Photos: Courtesy of Author,  Kenny Holston 21/Flickr

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