February 2, 2014

Rescue a Life: Before & After.

Inspiring (to foster or rescue) story via Reddit: It’s amazing what rescue can do. (i.imgur.com) for all comments and more info. And, remember:

Want a dog, cat, puppy, kitten, parrot or hamster? One site lists ‘em all—including specific breeds. Rescue from Humane Society, don’t buy from pet store.


It’s amazing what rescue can do. (i.imgur.com)

“Once upon a time I lived on a dead end street, attached to several other dead end streets. One morning I open my front door to walk some of my dogs (I foster for a rescue group) and there he is. This awful, mangy, scabby dog that looks more like a coyote. My immediate response is to shove my dogs back in the house, away from this off-leash monster. I grab a bowl of food from inside and call to him. He comes and gives me plenty of kisses, so I do the only human thing there was. I called my rescue and begged them to sponsor him. By the end of the week he was neutered, in treatment for sarcoptic mange, and several parasites and infections.

Three months later, he was adopted. Unfortunately, that owner “developed allergies and had to immediately give him up” after 5 months of ownership. So today, he is back home waiting on a REAL forever he.

He is such an angel now that he is taken care of. At first he would cry and scream when left alone, and dug up the carpet in protest. Today I left him loose in the house for over an hour and came home to find him happily snoozing on the couch.

What my rescue always tells tentative fosters is that “It may break your heart for them to go to a new home, but it breaks our heart when all we needed was a foster to pull that dog from a shelter before it’s killed”

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Read 12 comments and reply

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