February 21, 2014

8 Reasons Why Morning Sex is Better than Coffee.

Not even the best Colombian dark roast can awaken and arouse a person from their slumber like the physical and emotional love of their partner.

When I was in a disconnected and low-intimacy relationship, my morning routine consisted of silencing my alarm, rolling wearily out of bed while avoiding contact with anything until that first cup of coffee coursed through my veins.

After I felt that all so familiar jolt of caffeine, I could then start contemplating the day ahead.

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I started to integrate a few Sun Salutations in lieu of the coffee to see if I could more naturally receive the rising sun of a new day. That was definitely a beautiful morning ritual, however, it didn’t help with the emotional disconnect that I was feeling at the time. I ended up adopting morning yoga as my norm, along with coffee, but something was still missing.

Once I freed myself from the shackles of the unfulfilling relationship and was fortunate enough, for the first time, to find a man who fit all aspects of me, I learned the true secret to mutually welcoming the day with every aspect of my being.

I was able to tap into the most perfect commencement for instilling, stimulating and just becoming open to the truly important emotional and physical devices that set the day in motion, while also granting it the space to gracefully unfold—and here is why it is perfect:

1. Starting the day with love.

While saying “I love you” to your significant other first thing is definitely wonderful, physically demonstrating that love is so much more personal, poignant and powerful. Not only are you starting off the day connecting on an emotional and physical level, you are showering them with love and gratitude while thoroughly enjoying every part of each other. Both people are then beautifully armed with toe-curling, tingly love to send them on their way for the day.

2. Get our workouts in first thing.

According to WebMd, sex burns about five calories per minute, not to mention isolating and working certain muscle groups. That’s four more calories per minute than sitting down and drinking a cup of coffee. And people who are more sexually active tend to work out more in general, which then in turn aids in their sexual health.

3. A plethora of health benefits.

After a restful night’s sleep, I know that I try my best to start the day by arming myself with every health advantage possible to fight off toxins, viruses, bacteria, stress, pain, etc. that we encounter and experience in every day life.

It is truly amazing that sex actually plays many roles in making us healthy and keeping us thriving physically.

    • Maintain a youthful appearance with the rush of endorphins and DHEA from an orgasm to repair skin damage and radiate a healthy glow.
    • Stronger immune system due to the significantly higher levels of immunoglobulin A (IgA) which is your body’s first line of defense in fighting off invading organisms.
    • Lowered risk of heart problems and lowers blood pressure due to the high levels of Oxytocin produced during arousal and orgasm.
    • Keeps estrogen and testosterone levels in balance making people less prone to heart attack.
    • Works women’s pelvic floor muscles which improves bladder control.
    • Can block chronic pain like headaches, backaches, menstrual cramps, leg aches, and pain associated with arthritis.
    • It has been reported in the Journal of the American Medical Association that men who ejaculate more than 21 times per month were less likely to get prostate cancer.

This was just to highlight a few physiological health benefits of (morning) sex. There are so many more.

4. No harsh, unnatural stimulants to arouse you from your sleep, but stimulating, nonetheless. And it’s free!

5. Fights off stress and depression.

Sexual arousal and orgasms release “feel good” hormones that serve as chemicals in your brain’s pleasure and reward system.

6. Keeps us present.

With the exception of those of you who let your minds wander to grocery and to-do lists (in which case you may want to consider contemplating why there is a disconnect in your intimacy), sex with someone you love demands your full, present attention making it an active, mutual meditation. The beauty in that far transcends sipping on even the most expensive cup of gourmet coffee.

7. Works up a healthy morning appetite.

We all know that the most important meal of the day is breakfast; however, most people choose to skip it. I don’t know about you, but a little loving physical activity in the a.m. tends to make me hungry enough to always make myself (and partner) breakfast. Coffee tends to just curb my appetite.

8. Gives us something beautiful to reflect on throughout the day.

I know that when my day starts off stressful, the rest of the day tends to follow suit by haunting me with the memory of the stressor. When my day starts off with a loving, sexy encounter, I find myself reflecting and daydreaming, with a smile, and a sense of giddy anticipation for seeing each other again.

I know that many of you don’t really need an excuse to enjoy the multitude of benefits from morning sex however, there are many who are missing out.

Wake up a little early—start surprising your partner with a wake up call that includes your lips and tongue on their ear instead of the harsh noise of an alarm. I promise that you’ll awaken and arouse them faster from their slumber than the smell of some Colombian dark roast.

You could always do both; my advice is to start with the sex.

Bonus: if you’ve only got 5 minutes:

sex infographic


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