Birth of a Mother & a Child: A Poem.

Via Jennifer K. Jones
on Feb 11, 2014
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A journey began in the depths of my core,

for I danced instinctively through an unmarked door.

From a union of two

And a yearning for more,

The flame gathered strength

A budding truth to explore.


The sacral center of being,

A spark burning bright,

Purging empty ego from this clouded sight.

And a light—

Shone a beacon of this view, anew.

My life, cut by a knife

to shape and mold the barren old

of whom once was a girl…

then woman… then wife.


Growth from within thinned the haze of the days of my youth,

As to clear the fear and the doubt

A small sprout…

So beyond, yet within me

Aimed to set us both free.


Stripped naked and weak,

Scattered pieces from the peak

Of what was real.

Now an illusion…

Now the fusion of two lives.

What of me survives the birth

of a mother as her child thrives?


A being emerges

From the surges of birth

and from it a purified woman’s self-worth.

Purges the path for her child to dance

his own Earthside miracle of mystery and chance.


The present presents in a spiritual realm

Gratitude sublimely abound,

…blissfully overwhelmed.

Entranced by the purest of love to exist,

A mother is made from her child’s first kiss.

…. The past never missed.

And life forever divinely enriched.


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Editor: Bryonie Wise

Photo: Pixoto



About Jennifer K. Jones

Jennifer K. Jones is the owner of a multi-media marketing firm, yoga instructor and practitioner, holistic health practitioner, writer and artist. She is the mother of three incredible little boys & an amazing baby girl, all of whom will hopefully grow up to live their passions with gratitude, radiate and spread pure, unconditional love to every being that they encounter, and thrive within the vast openness of their wildest dreams... and Jennifer is striving daily to lead them by example. Contact Jennifer at her website.


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