February 14, 2014

Cult of Negativity.


My experiences blogging have revealed an intriguing side of modern human personality: the focus on negativity.

I can write two articles with an identical message, one phrased with positive, helpful language. The other can focus on what is wrong, what needs to be avoided, or what needs to be fixed.

Inevitably, the negative article is going to be more widely read

This is exceptionally commonplace with relationship articles.

Focusing on the negative brings negative results.

Curious to know what kind of red flags to avoid in a relationship? Wondering what kind of negative traits to avoid in a person? Interested in how immature men or women are emotionally? Or want to figure out how to fix a relationship?

Go for it.

Just keep in mind one important fact: when looking for something to be wrong, it will be found.

Energy follows attention—the negative becomes the central dynamic of the relationship.

Manifestation is a common theory in our modern world. The idea that simply thinking something will make create it is incomplete—the real power of manifestation resides in the non-verbal, feeling state.

How a person feels creates a magnetic response from the universe.

This means that a negative feeling, mindset and focus will encourage negativity and its results. Doubt, hesitation, resistance all spawn actions that support and reinforce the negative feeling. It becomes a vicious, downward spiraling cycle.

When that happens, love is forgotten and becomes hidden. Love becomes a rationalized concept based on pleasure, sensuality and orgasm. The depth of love, the power of life itself in all its fullness becomes stymied.

The demands for emotional responsibility often come from people who are emotionally imbalanced.

Who can be responsible for their feelings? Is it the person who focuses on negative traits to avoid? What does this say about such a person? Are they avoiding their own negative feelings, focusing on the shadow side and not wanting to face their own inner demons?

Or is such a person simply being prudent, and trying to protect them self from further harm?

Only the person who braves the inner domain of consciousness with pure integrity can know the answers to love and life.

Love sets clear boundaries. It respects oneself, values personal authenticity, and trusts others because it first trusts oneself. In self-knowledge comes awareness for how to nurture the life within, building vibrant strength and the power to live an epic life.

The focus between seekers and the powerful remains a fine line.

Focus on love.


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