February 15, 2014

Embody Your Truth. ~ Charlie Birch

Kelli's Heart Glow

Speaking our truth is not enough.

We must learn to embody our truth.

We must climb down from our cognitive perches.

Hold our truth in our hearts.

Feel our truth pulsing through our veins.

Breathe our truth from our lungs.

Channel our truth through our postures and gestures.

Our words become the subtle details,

the story of which is already abundantly clear.

We must show our truth.

We must be our truth.


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Assistant Editor: Ffion Jones / Editor: Bryonie Wise

Photo: elephant archives


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Charlie Birch

Charlie Birch is a Holistic Coach and Trainer and a Dance Artist. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Dance from Goucher College, a Diversity Consulting Certificate from Diversity Training University International, 2 years of graduate study in Somatic Counseling Psychology, and numerous other behavioral modification and training professional certificates. She began Being Human Ally Coaching and Training in December 2012, as she wants to share the life enhancing power of embodiment practice with a broader audience. Most of the tools in her toolbox are borrowed from practices such as yoga, modern dance, meditation, creative arts therapies and theater. She truly believes that integration and transformation of one’s inner world is best achieved through conscious engagement with the body and that the study of culture and its role in shaping reality is a great way to integrate and transform one’s outer world.  Her goal is to help people find the ways that embodiment and culture can enhance their lives and help them thrive.