February 24, 2014

Emotional Healing: The Journey from Fear to Freedom. ~ Cedric Bertelli


From as far as I can remember (probably my kindergarten years in France), I always have been an anxious person.

I held within me a lot of fear, anxiety, anger; you name it.

As a young child, I could hide this side of me behind work, good results in school, humor, but it expressed itself negatively throughout my body; I was dealing with eczema, asthma, anxiety/anger and crisis at home.

Later on in my life, I became successful in the world of hotels and restaurants,  but the stress inside me was still eating me up. In 2009, I was ready to quit my job.

Quit my job, but for what?

This was when I found the research of a fellow French man, Mr. Luc Nicon.

Mr. Nicon became famous in Europe by proving that once a person was able to identify an unwanted emotional pattern, such as a phobia, anxiety, stress or anger, this person could permanently regulate it within 30 minutes when applying an approach he designed called T.I.P.I.

T.I.P.I. is a French acronym for “Technique d’Identification des Peurs Inconscientes”, or in English, Technique for the Sensory Identification of Unconscious Fears. T.I.P.I. uses the body’s sensory memory to reconnect with the origin of an emotional pattern and reset the emotional response.

I read his book that explains his research (a study on 300 cases), and I became really interested in this process. It made sense to me when he explained that most of our fears, or emotional hassles, do not make sense; they are irrational. We can intellectually find and assign a reason why we are reacting certain ways in life.

I am getting mad in traffic because people are driving like idiots!

I am lacking self-confidence because when I was a kid my parents did this or that…

I cannot have a normal relationship because my ex broke my heart two years ago.

We can find reasons why, reasons that please us, but this understanding does not bring healing. We still suffer.

I contacted Mr. Nicon to ask more information about the technique, and his answer was quite simple.

“Try the process on yourself. You can do so when you are triggered, when you are in an emotional difficulty.”

Mr. Nicon went on to describe the following steps of T.I.P.I. to me:

1. When  feeling an unpleasant emotion, go to a quiet place without distractions.

2. Close the eyes, and pay attention to the physical sensations present in the body.

3. Let them evolve, transform.

4. Without doing anything, without taking control, consciously observe these physical sensations, even if they are getting very uncomfortable. It is absolutely safe. Remain in this state until calm.

This process will last two and a half minutes max, but most of the time, it will be 30 seconds. After that, the emotion you started your session with will be resolved permanently, it will just not be a part of your life anymore.

I did try the process within the following days. It worked; the anger that I felt completely dissipated. The following week, when faced by a similar situation, the anger did not come up. Since then, I have never felt it again.

Something potent was happening, something that I did not understand, but that was simply working. I decided to quit my job, go back to France to study with Luc Nicon, himself. In my mind I had the idea to bring this work back to the U.S.A.

T.I.P.I. is using a natural ability to self-regulate our emotional blockages.

For example, after a car accident, or a relationship break up, there may be a period of heightened emotions. It may seem like the experience will never end. Eventually, the emotional experience of the trauma naturally resolves itself. One day we find ourselves driving without a second thought, or deeply in love with another person.

For some of us, this natural ability may become blocked.

For many individuals, this only becomes more difficult over time. According to key neuroscience research studies, these blocks develop in response to particularly intense events or fears.

T.I.P.I. is a process in which one reconnects through sensations to the original event that created such blocks. This process re-establishes the natural self-regulation of these blocked emotions. When we are in the emotion, the door to self emotional regulation is wide open.

Simply follow the steps to experience it! This organic tool is obviously here for us to use.

Today, I am teaching this work in the U.S. I have sessions with people whom wish to regulate unwanted emotional patterns or long-standing traumas. Sharing and teaching T.I.P.I. is my small contribution to the World.


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