Holy Waters. ~ Eric Paul McCarty {Poem}

Via Eric Paul McCarty
on Feb 27, 2014
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We move beyond the simple pleasures of our bodies.

Yes…the thickness of desire still hangs humid in the air.

We taste it on the words we speak.

And the weight of fingers pressed warm across the flesh…thrills to a deepness past the bone.

This will never change.

Yet we have opened doors that lead to higher worlds.

We have glimpsed the ocean.

And now nothing else will do—

But to swim in holy waters.


Everything is perfect as is—and yet we find ourselves drawn to experience a depth of self unknown in a days reality. This too is perfect. Our longing is a sirens call to deeper waters. From waves to the stillness of the ocean’s floor we swim in holy waters. We can float, or wade or fully submerge ourselves in the bliss of pure consciousness—but never be afraid of getting wet.



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About Eric Paul McCarty

 Eric Paul McCarty is a poet, meditator and ultrarunner—in no particular order.


5 Responses to “Holy Waters. ~ Eric Paul McCarty {Poem}”

  1. Enelesn says:


  2. Sylvie Giroux says:

    Wow, this is another gem from a great poet! 🙂

  3. Viive says:


  4. Margherita says:

    Spectacular! You are a giant in the poetic realms, dear Eric! You create emotions that linger ….

  5. eric says:

    Thank you everyone!