February 11, 2014

How Are We Doing With Those Resolutions?

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Posing a friendly and compassionate check-in with many of us who vowed to forego or change something within our lives that has plagued us for years and causes paralysis of the worst kind.

Usually after the first of the year and towards the middle to end of February, those resolutions get put on the backburner due to some other conclusion that is “life.” Our energy gets zapped and projects get shelved over fear that we might not be good enough to demand more from ourselves.

Well, I’m thinking that a revisit might be a nice idea and worthy of why our own personal energy crisis has crept back in and is not allowing our brains to coincide with what is proper for our bodies and forward momentum. It happens—it is normal. We are in this Age of Aquarius and certainly more attune to the pulse of the world and our fellow humans. Perhaps we need a boost.

Maybe at this time of the year, what with Mercury currently doing its backward dance and a full moon pending, a take-charge attitude might warrant a kick in the backside. We can put aside all the negativity, the notion that we don’t have enough money, the thought “well, there’s always tomorrow”, and that funny voice in our heads that rears up every time we get an excellent and crazy idea, but we don’t pursue it for fear that it might cause too much of a disruption in our lives. I’m still a fan of breaking rules.

I admit that I’m sneaking some peeks at the Olympic Games this year, mainly because of my love for sport and the hard work that is involved in getting to the top. I am completely in awe of these athletes, and trying not to think too much about the sideline occurrences going on in Sochi that leave me a bit sad and sick to my stomach. You know what I’m talking about, so I’d rather not go there as the more I dwell on these issues, the more I put my attention onto the negatives of the Olympics.

I’ve attended an Olympic Games before, back in 1978 in Montreal.

There is never a shortage of controversy or problems that arise during the course of the two weeks, or even prior to the event. I’m actually appalled at the junk food commercials that appear because I can’t imagine the athletes have achieved peak performance on Jack-in-the-Box. I simply mute the television and return to something creative that I’ve embarked upon.

This brings me back to the resolutions we have committed to for this already incredible year. Just as the athletes of the Games have had to hunker down and compromise and commit to their discipline, why is it that we have a tendency to allow our loyalties to health and well-being slide?

Here are a few crisis averted actions to take, just in case straying off course with your resolutions sounds better than staying on course:

1. Keep your diet clean.

Uh oh, where are we at with this? Most resolutions revolve around food and diet and healthy living. Continue to invest in what goes into your body. Junk foods need to go. Period. We can no longer support the big money conglomerates that want us to eat like crap. If a television commercial accompanies and promotes any food, it isn’t worth eating. Eat real, raw, colorful, organic, unprocessed food. Simple. There are no commercials for what needs to keep our diets clean. Eat well because it feels good. Eat well because it’s not about weight loss anymore. Eat well because your livelihood depends on it.

2. Move!

A daily long dose of movement is like a major win. Manual labor is like a forgotten pastime. Exercise, of all kinds, creates energy and alleviates fatigue by reducing stress, helps you sleep, and increases circulation so that the muscles receive oxygen and nutrients from those amazing healthy meals you put together. Dance, run, swim, climb, walk, act like a kid—this will keep wellness habits intact and on the front burner. There are no more excuses. Movement has to happen for the body to run properly and avoid illness and disease—our planet now depends on it.

3. Sleep.

The amount of stress that shows up in ourselves to mess with our sleep is astounding. If we can set aside 15 to 30 minutes each day to meditate, be silent, practice awareness, stretch the limbs and be grateful, sleep will improve dramatically. There are no shortcuts to getting a good nights’ sleep—it all has to do with the amount of worry and anxiety that is disrupting the flow of seven to nine hours of quality slumber.

Sleep helps absolutely everything in our lives—good relationships, creative work, solid dietary patterns, recovery from a hard day of movement, all inflammations in the body and kindness. When we don’t sleep, we are irritable and anxious, not to mention a face that tells it all. Do it naturally. Have some chamomile tea before bedtime—it helps.

4. Relationships.

Friends, family, and lovers are still very important in this journey of life. Without the support and heart and soul of quality relationships, our very idea of progression would not happen. No matter the resolution or commitment made at the beginning of 2014, healthy relationships are vital. Let go of the not-so-fulfilling ones—it’s okay. Growing up and changing is part of evolution. If someone is dragging you down and being too negative and fixating on old stuff, time to focus on spending amazing time with those who lift us up and want to see a bright light always shining. The relationships worth living for are those that allow us to be 100% real and authentic.

Trust, honesty and complete authenticity—hiccups and all.

The commitments we have made to ourselves can still be first and foremost. Don’t ever give up. We are only a few months into the year, and there are oodles of opportunities to get back on track and revisit whatever resolution was made a month or so ago. If it makes us feel good and we are so completely positive and charged that it is the best possible life we want and need that alone is golden.

Revisit those resolutions.

Cross off the ones that were perhaps too weighty and unrealistic. Stick with those that are simple, resonate with your soul, and will be diligently adhered to on a daily basis.



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