February 15, 2014

Exactly how Exercising turns on our Happiness. {Infographic}


“Lack of activity destroys the good condition of every human being, while movement and methodical physical exercise save it and preserve it.”

~ Plato

It’s no surprise that exercising is good for us. But can it really make us happy?

In my experience, exercise has made me happy-er than I would be otherwise. I feel like a million bucks after a good run or a yoga class and get downright cranky when something like sickness or an unexpected event gets in my way.

Scientifically speaking, exercise creates chemical responses in the brain, which lead to both temporary and long term mental health benefits. It’s a bit of a no-brainer, right?

This infographic illustrates how it all works…

The Happiness Effect: How Exercise Makes You Happy

Does exercising make you happy? Please share you experience in the comments section!


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Editor: Bryonie Wise

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Andrew May 10, 2015 7:58pm

Exercising outdoors is away to boost vitamins d, and other stimulants provided by nature, which plays a huge part in regulating your serotonin levels, this helps a lot with “depression” , along with a great group atmosphere human contact is another great stimulant to elevate mood, and believe it or not the grass also stimulates human chemistry as it grounds you. – hope this helps as it has helped me.

Jennifer May 10, 2015 9:04am

I have been feeling un-inspired, un-motivated & kind of un-happy at work, home and while doing things I normally love. I've put on weight, can't get it off with a good diet. I know that exercise is the missing component…but it is difficult to get past the lack of motivation.
Thanks for this article. Just what I needed to read.

Redrover8 May 4, 2015 1:09pm

I agree exercise makes a huge difference but most people don't know how to exercise so group classes or hiring a trainer are good ways to go. Along with allergies vitamin d3 levels can have a strong affect on mood – I supplement 3000 units daily and have been told I can go to 5000 units – also b12 (read the label though – it needs to be methylcombalamin) is a great supplement as with depression you often have fatigue and this fights it

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