February 25, 2014

In Our Time: A Poem That Will Heal Your Pain.

walking forest sunrise outside park nature

In our time, we will face the feasts

Of fog and wonder, of cheeks kissed,


While we dream of never leaving,

On afternoons

Not willing to end.


In our time, we will see terrible deaths

Right before our eyes,


While we swear never again to smile,

On evenings

Too long to bear.


In our time, we will cry many morns

When our children are born,


Right before our eyes,

And again

When they leave.


In our time, we will not understand

Anything that has happened,


While time passes us by,

On heated plains

Too hot to stand.


In our time, we will never figure out,

How the seasons of us all,

Weather anyway

While we blossom along the hedge

Winded and torn.


In our time, we will only remember

The love that we gave,


When we did not have it

But sang the songs anyway,

On silky sonnets

Too lovely to name.


In our time, we will grow and bury

So many words,

That we wish were never spoken

That we wish we dared to speak,



While we dared to look

Into eyes

Like our own.


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Editor: Renée Picard

Photo: Pixoto

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Read 1 comment and reply

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